Monday, April 9, 2007

Killed By Death

The first job interview kinda sucked. The Bern*m* one. It was for a radio news anchor position. I have a friend who worked there and he recommended me. I have no idea why coz I don't have Mass Comm background whatsoever and I am not necessarily the most talkative person.

There were just too many "Umms" in my sentences for me to even be considered for that position. Oh well.

My mom called me in the midst of the interview and told me that my nephew had been admitted to the hospital. Low blood pressure or something. After tomorrow's interview, I am going back to my hometown.

Oh, there's another interview at Cosmopoint for a position that I don't really know. But they wanna meet me on Thursday. I don't think I'll be in town though. What's a gurl to do? Nephew or job? Job or nephew? Hmm, I hope ESS is fine. He is travelling back to L*m*t as I am typing this.


savante said...

Hope you did well in the interview! What's up with the nephew? Low BP?

Glad things are going somewhat smoothly with you and ESS!

Evan Owens said...

Thanks Paul! Yup, nephew dehydrated and got low BP... dunno any more yet...