Friday, June 29, 2007

The Prom

Last night, I went and caught Transformers on IMAX at Times Square with several of my friends, including Teddy. We were all so sexcited. Okay, Teddy and I were so sexcited, mostly because we both are Transformers fans. Teddy even gasped loudly when the producing studios insignias started showing.

One word. Awesome. That was what Transformers was. Simply awesome. Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay really delivered on their promise. This movie is by far the best movie out this summer.

I am a child of the 80’s and Transformers is a staple of my TV diet, along with Thundercats (Mr. Spielberg, this would make a cool movie or trilogy…), Silverhawks, GI Joe, Visionaries etc. I am a big fan of Transformers. When I first heard it was being made, I thought to myself that it could be kinda bad. But when I heard Spielberg and Bay’s name attached to the movie, I got all sexcited.

The movie satisfied the die-hard fans but did not alienate other moviegoers. Shia Labeouf is definitely all grown up now, a far cry from his Even Stevens days. He has a lot of movies coming out this summer like Surf’s Up and Disturbia. Josh Duhamel was kinda hot too. Did anybody see his naked picture? *drools*

I loved the movie. But of course, nothing is perfect. Some things were bothering me and it was not the people talking in the cinema. Actually, there wasn’t much talking at all. The movie was that engaging.

I’m talking about that robotic sound they make when they transform. It was totally missing from the movie. Okay, the sound came out once. When a Decepticon was transforming but that was it. I want that sound. Also, Starscream suddenly turned manly and butch. WTF? He is so gay and whiny and I think he’s kinda lesbianic too.

The robots looked damn ugly and robotic, especially the Decepticons, but I guess that’s a good thing. However, I had a little trouble distinguishing which one is which during the battle scenes. Speaking of battle scenes, what is up with the blurry fight scene? It was like watching a jumble of colors and then a robot got thrown down. That is so not right. How come Hollywood really cannot capture a fight scene quite as nicely as the Chinese? Watch all those Kung Fu movies. The fight scenes were fast and furious but we could still see the movements. Also, the movie is called Transformers. But the focus was not on them, but mostly on the humans.

I am not complaining. Much. The movie still rocked! People actually applauded once it was over. We’re watching it again on Saturday. Teddy’s idea. I guess this time we could really watch the details. And complain again how they did not really stick to the originals. Hehehehe.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


It's no secret that I have been actively dating ever since I became single again. No sitting at home licking wounds for this girl. Some people think that the failed relationship did not mean anything to me and that I was not really in love because I showed no sorrow or mourning of any kind.

I did mourn. I shed tears. I pick myself up and I move on. No use crying over spilled milk, especially since I don't drink milk. My throat can't handle the natural flavor of milk.

Like I've mentioned before, some of the guys that I've dated are too quick to give it up to me. Err, I mean their hearts. Too quick to fall for me. Others are too immature for my liking. Too clingy. Too childish. Too freaky. Too weird. Sigh.

Here is the latest guy I could lump into that group. He is 22, lives with his parents in Kedah and also works for them. He is the type who needs an SMS to be answered right away, if not he would think either you’re angry with him or he’d done something wrong. Constantly wants MMSes of you face and body. Argh.

He is coming to KL this week, to send mommy to KLIA. Wants to stay over for a few days. Unfortunately, he wants to stay during the week and I am working. He said he did not mind staying at home while I go off to work. Um, I don’t think so. I told him he could go explore KL and then meet back up for dinner. He pouted, saying that he might not stay in KL then, going straight home.

I don’t care. I am not going to let a perfect stranger stay at my place while I am not there. God knows what could happen. I could come home to an empty flat. No way man. He said that I am evil for thinking that he is not trustworthy. I told him that he would not really understand unless he has lived in KL and has seen his fair share of crimes and whatnot. My iPod was stolen from my room, even when I was there, for crying out loud! I might as well just not lock my place every time I go off to work.

He got upset and stop SMSing me. Good riddance. File under ‘Thank God!’

Monday, June 25, 2007


I was so lonely on the eve of my birthday. It was a Friday night and I knew Teddy had his badminton game and Prof Karen Walker was in prison, err I mean, he was outstationed somewhere. Lucky for me a friend came by and accompanied me until the clock struck midnight.
Yup, I am now officially 29 years old. No need to lie. Mostly because I look young. Which is something I’ve come to not like. I used to love it when people thought I was just a kid. My colleagues were shocked when I let them know that I was one year shy from the big 3-0. They actually thought I was in my early 20s. No wonder The Ex dumped me. He preferred his boyfriend to be old and wrinkly. Okay, maybe not wrinkly per se but definitely old and matured.
I had planned a birthday dinner at my newly redecorated place at the last minute. I actually just wanted to spend time with someone special on my birthday and on Sunday, go to brunch at Shangri-la Hotel with my closest friends. However, this one guy I invited to spend time with me wanted to join in on the brunch thingy and expected me to pay for it. Um, I don’t think so. Bloody sexpensive those brunches I tell you.

So I decided to hold the dinner thingy instead (but still go to brunch with my closest friends) because it would be cheaper and I get to invite more people too. However, I did not plan on me getting sick and not being able to cook. Lucky for me I had already ordered some food so I just make a few easy side dishes.

Last year, when I was a high society gurl, I had to invite a lot of people. This year, I am more low-profile so it was just a small intimate gathering. Good thing too. My flat is small. I invited 15. 8 showed up. Just nice. And no, I did not invite The Ex. He’s in Lumut and I know for a fact that he won’t come to KL just for my birthday. I had asked him whether he’d fancy going to Genting with me last month (a couple of weeks after we broke up) and he told me he doesn’t fancy coming to KL to see me and he just wants to do the Lone Ranger gig for a while. *shrugs*

Madam Cloud, my new BFF (that’s Best Friends Forever for those not in the know), came early to help me set up everything. Thank Goddess for him. If not I’d pass out already. Side story – Madam Cloud and I went to watch Sumolah with a group of other bloggers and one girl asked Madam Cloud whether he and I were BFFs. Madam Cloud blanched and almost fainted. How did the girl know about our flames of faggotry? I noticed Madam Cloud went stiff so I tapped him on the shoulder and whispered that BFF is actually Best Friends Forever, not Boyfriends Forever. Funny moment. Hehehehe.

Anyways, when we were shopping and preparing and stuff, we did not get a chance to get cake, mostly because the cake at the local supermarket was expensive and did not look enticing enough.

Best thing about birthday parties is the presents. Heheheh. Madam Cloud gave me a Mr Bean teddy bear. No, not the Bean himself but the teddy that he carries around on the show. Another friend gave me a Pooh lamp. While I may look young, I think I have outgrown the whole Poohbear thingy, ehhehehe. But then again, it’s the thoughts that counts right?

Note to self: remind friends that they could just get Borders gift certificates for next year. Book freak here.


I was with someone on Wednesday. He came to my place at around 1.15 am. He works and lives in Shah Alam but for some reason, he was in Cheras that night. I was up watching That’s So Raven, so I told him he could come over if he wanted to.

Not exactly a mistake but I kinda regretted telling him that. Not because he was evil or obnoxious but because he was kinda clingy. I did not really get to sleep much because I was very uncomfortable. We slept in our boxers so naturally, after a while in a non-air-conditioned room, we’d get sticky and sweaty.

His body was hot too. Not hot like droolworthy hawt but hot as in you can fry an egg on the stomach ala Madonna. I kept tossing and turning in my half-asleep state, trying to get him to quit cuddling but he kept reaching for me with all available limbs.

I have a queen size bed. I was perched on the edge of the right side and he still clambered on to me. There was a sea of free bed space on the left and he still needed to engulf me in his Human-Torchness. Now, if it were Johnny Storm, then I would not mind. Who am I kidding? I would so mind. I don’t mind cuddling after sex or before going to bed or before falling asleep but after a while, I need my space.

I need to be able to turn to whatever position I want. I don’t like feeling sticky and sweaty in my sleep. Most importantly, I hate feeling the heat. That was why I was so at home in the snow back in the day.

Hmm, guess now I know why I prefer to live alone. I need my space to be my space. I don’t mind sharing it with a mate but I gotta have room to breathe. Other guys have spent the night at my place obviously but none had acted quite like this. Oh, and he kept kissing me. If my back was to him, he’d kiss my neck. I like to kiss my guys on the forehead, as a sign of affection or as goodbye or good night or something but this guy takes the cake. He kissed me every 10 seconds. If I turn to face him, he’d kiss my eyelids. Oh, did I forget to mention that he is short? I stand head and shoulder over him.

Also, sometime around 5, I’d wake up to me being up and his hands all over me. Dude… wtf? I need my cutie sleep coz I have to work in the morning. But he kept at it so I turn him around and went at it for the second time. However, fucking half asleep is not really a good thing and I stopped after half an hour, without climaxing. I think he also could not take it anymore, judging from his writhing underneath me.

Even after that, he was still all kissy kissy and touchy feely. I groaned, or attempted to groan in my half-asleep state, and pushed his hands away but he was adamant. I think he wanted a key to my magical kingdom. I ain’t giving. It was 5.30 in the morning. I had hardly slept and I had to wake up to go to work in a couple of hours. Control yourself dammit. He won’t quit so I had to tell him off, that I was tired, half asleep and that I need to sleep in order to go to work when the sun comes up. We can resume the horizontal tango the next time he comes a callin’. He finally agreed to back off and just cuddled, which further irritated me. Sigh.

If I wake up with bags under my eye, then I am so gonna kick his ass. Lady Luck must have been on his side because I was not too bad and he did give good service. Hehehe.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


My weekend in hometown with the family was not too bad. Mostly because I was kinda busy with the kids and my mother was kinda busy with some catering thingy and also preparing for the nephew’s party. I got my nephew the Omnitrix, the thingymagic from Ben 10. He loved it.

Meanwhile, I took the kids to the mall and we caught Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer. It was not bad and not disappointing like Shrek 3 or Waris Jari Hantu. If there is a third movie, I’ll be looking forward to it. Then I took them to the arcade to play some racing games while I shoot up some baddies.

After that, I went to Secret Recipe and bought a Chocolate Banana cake with a Batman motif on top for a birthday cake. Damn expensive too. The motif was like more than 10 bucks. But I am a good aunt so I just bought it. Okay, okay, I swiped it. Heheheh.
My parents have invited the whole neighborhood to the shindig. We barbecued fish, chicken, beef and lamb and my mom made fried rice and there was also some fruit salad. This was a last minute decision on their part to make the big party, mostly because of the return of the prodigal son, which is me, and the return of my brother after a month and a half vacationing in the Philippines.

It was quite grand. A lot of people showed up. Of course, I only know of them. It was not my party. I gotta say that my brother’s friends are cute. Some are downright hot. Damn. Anyways, the actual birthday was Sunday but I was leaving Sunday so they made it Saturday. By the stroke of midnight, we brought out the expensive cake for the nephew to cut. Unfortunately, the birthday boy fell asleep already so we had to wait until the morning.

I stayed up, as per usual, and played some DotA with my brother and his friends and then we played Uno and Gin Rummy. Apparently, some people thought I cannot play Gin Rummy and underestimated me. Especially since I lost most of the warm-up rounds and I had the most cards at the end of the first official round. That was the only time I played shuffler. I never had to do it throughout the game. And I emerged the eventual winner. My brother’s hot friend, who was the original one to think I could not play, conceded and praised me for being such a good player. I could have licked him there and then but there were people around so I reined in my libido and smiled.
The next afternoon, I was packing and my nephew said he wanted to come with me to KL. I told him that he needed to go to school and stuff so he could not but he could visit me on the weekends or something. After we cut the cake and took pictures, my father sent me to the bus station. The nephew was crying and did not want to shake my hand. What can I do? I work in KL. Breaks my heart though. Sigh.

Friday, June 15, 2007


It’s been a pretty hectic week. Not at work though. I was with someone fuckingly annoying and disturbingly creepy during the weekend. On Monday, my brother and his girlfriend arrived from the Philippines. I had to play hostess and offered up my place for them to stay.

The annoying cousin found out about my brother being here and went into a frenzy. He really wanted to hang out with my brother. Apparently for online gaming. He had been asking me to go online with him but I rarely had the time, what with the online personals and the dates that I had been having.

I told my brother not to let him know that I had been living alone coz he might wanna come live with me and then I’d be forever paying for everything while he would just be mooching off of me.

Last night, we were all online and were busily defending our territory from the invading Insane-level Scourge. Ooh, speaking of last night, as I was very caught up in the battle as the Slayer, I got annoying messages from this one guy who had declared to my ex-housemate and I that he is in love with me. This prompted my ex-housemate to ask me what I had done to the guy. I did not do anything. Much. Heheheh.

I really don’t like it when people start to declare their love for me at the very beginning, before I had even begun to feel anything. Apparently, I like the drama and fighting hard to get my man and being rejected in the end. Any guy would kill his chances with me if he immediately says they love me. If they were nonchalant and treat me like crap, then I’d moon over them. According to Prof Karen Walker anyway…

The girlfriend has left for Ireland already but my brother is still here. We are going back to my hometown tonight. Yup, I am finally going back. My nephew’s birthday is on Sunday. He was supposed to be born on my birthday but I guess he could not wait or my sister could not keep her legs together any longer so he was born a week earlier. Now that would be neat, sharing birth dates.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Bad Girls

This is a short post/rambling. I really don't like moochers. Especially the ones who don't at all keep in touch and be constantly silent until one day, magically reappear as though nothing had happened.

I know a few people like that. My cousins, sadly. They almost always know when I have money. But when I was unemployed, they went under the radar. So far down that you can't even locate them using the standard locator spell.

Like today for example. My cousin SMSed and asked to borrow money. When I was not working and trying to make ends meet, I asked for his help. He could not help. But now, he wants me to help. So not fair. Actually, a lot of people who I have helped in the past did not even offer to extend help to me. I am so disappointed in them. I even asked some of these people to help me out a bit but they turned me down.

I am kinda pissed. But not up to a point that I would go beheading the nearest demon. All I can do is wish that the people who treats me this way just go away and vanish out of my life. I need people like Teddy and Prof Karen Walker in my life. The ones who stayed with me through it all, thick and thin, good times and bad times. Not just with me when I have money. I am through with people who take me for granted and then blames me for the lack of keeping in touch.

That's all for now folks... hope you all have a good weekend! :)

Monday, June 4, 2007

The Zeppo

I was meeting someone during the weekend. At Tasik Permaisuri. I don’t go there alone because it’s not too safe so I asked Teddy to come with. Actually, it’s been like our thing now that Prof Karen Walker upped and left us to fend for ourselves, going to exotic locations such as… Kedah. Hehehe, a little inside joke.

Anyway, we were hanging out at the Chinese side, for some reason, and chatting with friends. It was interested for sure (yup, I purposely typed in ‘interested’, as another inside joke. Teddy’ll get it). Poor Teddy got the front of his car scratched by a Mat Rempit who sped up from behind and tried to overtake Teddy. However, he could not really over take Teddy the Speed Demon and timed it slightly poorly and the Mat Rempit’s exhaust pipe scratched a humongous line across the front of Teddy’s car.

I saw it happen but I thought he just bumped into the car. When we parked, we saw the scratches. Poor Teddy. There were like 200 of them there so we could not even attempt to track down which one did it and butt-rape him till kingdom come. We did get a little taste of revenge when one of them Remps lost control and fell onto the road in a spectacular stuntmanship. Not. Teddy thought he made it happen with his mind. He did not know this but it was me. I used Piper’s power and blew up his brakes. Hehhehe.

Anywho, a guy I kinda liked and have been drooling over for some time now messaged me and said that he was on his way to the Malay side so I got poor Teddy to drive us over there. We’ve been flirting a lot at Myspace so we’re finally get the chance to meet. I was sexcited. This time, we managed to avoid the Remps.

The guy is very cute. Unfortunately, he came with his boyfriend, who wasted no time in peeing around the guy, marking his territory. I was a bit pissed (what’s up with all these golden shower reference?) because 1) I was lied to – he said he was single, 2) the marking of the territory, 3) the boyfriend acted like we’ve never met before when in fact he used to be my housemate. To add a bad hair day to broken fingernails, Cute Tasik Guy actually thought Teddy was McDreamy.

Who wouldn’t right? But still. Tact. Look it up. Sigh. What am I? A fag hag to these people? I am not a girl okay? Contrary to popular belief.

This had happened before. A few times I think. A blind date at Times Square, followed me to get Baskin Robbins, saw Teddy, declared Teddy the man of his dreams. See? McDreamy.

Another was a long time ‘friend’. Very brazen, very loud, very without silent button. After Teddy? You can hear a pin drop. Complete polar opposite. Shy, quiet, muted. All because he was smitten by Teddy. McSmitten?

Annoying Melaka Guy could not concentrate on the bowling game. I am pretty sure The Ex also had dirrrty thoughts when they had first met. Even though both had denied feeling any attraction to Teddy but I have a feeling that was only for my benefit.

What’s a gurl to do? Stop bringing dates to meet Teddy? I can’t do that! If I don’t bring them to meet Teddy, how am I gonna know if I like them or not? Hehehe, Will & Grace reference. I want my guy to be able to hang out with me and my friends coz they’re important to me. Guys come and go, but friends are forever. Except when they double cross you or say bad things about you over a slight misunderstanding, then it’s hasta la vista bitchy!

Hmm, I guess I could turn this around and make it a positive thing, even though the sting still lingers. I could use Teddy as a test. If a date passes the test, then he’s a keeper for sure. At the very least, he could keep the drooling to a minimum and pretended to fawn over me still, even though the luscious Teddy is nearby. That would work.