Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Was Made to Love You

Work’s been a bitch lately. I haven’t had a proper weekend in weeks. I hate that. I need my cutie sleep.

It’s even worse when election time rolled around. I had to work on nomination day, which was a Sunday, and have been working since. This coming weekend, I am gonna be working too.

One of my closest friends is having a birthday dinner and I thought I could not attend. He sounded so disappointed. My boss had told me she expected me to stay until 10pm everyday in case. But it’s been a few days of the election campaigning and everything seems to be okay. So I got to go home at 7 or so and I also got to go home early in time for the dinner. Thank God.

And unfortunately, I can’t take a break after the election still. I am being attached to one of the divisions at the parent company for two weeks. Sigh. Guess my break will be due in April. Until then, let’s hope I don’t keel over and die…

Thursday, February 14, 2008


It’s Valentine’s Day. My mission to find me a partner or at the very least a date for VD (no, not Venereal Disease) has failed. I am alone yet again.

Sigh. Whatever. It’s no big. Okay, it’s kinda big. I know people would say that VD is tacky, just a holiday invented by Hallmark to sell more cards etc etc etc. But I feel the need to go out and have a romantic dinner. I am 22 this year (plus 8) and I have not been on a proper VD outing yet. Wait, maybe I have. Once. But that was with a boy who was still questioning so it was not totally a date.

Actually, I have been seeing a couple of guys. Okay, a few guys. But nothing serious yet. Just dinner, and then ‘dessert’. Hehehehe. But either they don’t care about VD or they just did not think I am good enough to warrant a VD outing… sad now…

Anyways, this morning I was sending out Happy VD messages and one of the guys I was seeing responded with this statement, “That’s not our culture…”

Holier than thou much? I hate when people do that. This is all about personal choice right? If you feel no need to celebrate VD or anything else, you don’t need to be all uptight about it. Just say politely that you don’t believe in VD and thank the person for the message anyway. Sigh.

I responded to that message. I said that there are plenty of non-Malay culture thingies that we do every day. He responded with “That’s just how we are, nothing we can do about it. Just don’t get carried away and start celebrating things.”

WTF?? Why does it always have to be about being gay? I was talking about life stuff. Everyday stuff. If you really look at it, almost everything in life is non-Malay. I am talking about my life in general. My work clothes, my everyday casual clothes, not culturally Malay. I don’t go around wearing Baju Melayu. I don’t eat Malay food all the time. I don’t play congkak or batu seremban or wau or wayang kulit. I don’t practice Silat or use the kris. In fact, I’d bet all the money I have that the guy don’t either.

Sigh. Why the need to be all patriotic and stuff when it’s all just a cover and superficial? I don’t like that. My respect and/or liking for him has gone down a couple notches.

Speaking of, did you guys read the news about Aretha being upset at Beyonce? Come on. Just because Beyonce called Tina the Queen? Apparently Aretha IS the Queen, a title bestowed upon her by the industry. Queen of Soul to be exact. Beyonce had a mind of her own and feels that Tina Turner deserves the title of Queen. Plus, egotistical much? Expecting everyone to call her The Queen? Sigh…

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Blood Ties

My luck has not been good lately. I guess the leprechauns forgot to pay me a visit or something. I lost my digital camera on an outing. My money literally vanished from my wallet. Either that, or someone dipped his hand into my wallet and stole it. Hope a Vengeance Demon, I mean, Justice Demon would serve up some justice there.

Anyways, the unlucky streak came again when I got stood up by #1 Crush. Yup, you heard right. He’s not as perfect as I had said huh? Of course not. No one is perfect. Sigh. But he’s quite close… hehehehe… okay, so maybe not close… I am biased…

We made plans to meet up Sunday for a matinee and lunch, even though he was going to Ipoh on Saturday and have to attend his company’s annual dinner Sunday night. Yes, he was squeezing me in his busy sched. Yeah, I was all with the “Awww…” too…

I had slight reservation about it though coz Saturdays are normally my Guys Night Out with the guys and we normally stay up until the wee hours of the morning. I might not be able to wake up in the morning because we were meeting up at 10. And I was right. We hung out until 5.30 in the morning and I dragged myself out of bed to go to Kelana Jaya LRT station and I arrived by 9.40. Waited until almost 10.30 and I send him an SMS.

He called back and said that he was sleeping and he got in at 6 am. He then asked me why I did not message him when I was coming. We already confirmed at 10 so I did not feel the need to be a secretary. So I went back home and he went back to bed. I was slightly tiffed coz I had to wake up early on a Sunday and waited for nothing. But I was more crushed because I did not get to spend time with him. Huhuhu…

He did apologize though. On Monday, he apologized again. And wanted to make it up to me. I told him a movie date would suffice so we made plans to hang out Saturday afternoon. Which led to the whole Switchfoot thing.

Yes, now we’re on Switchfoot. My colleague had been totally avoiding the subject, every time I asked her about it. She insisted that tickets would be available. I kept asking and she kept blowing me off. I had a feeling that the ticket might not be available. She did not pick up my calls the night before and on Saturday. I told #1 Crush of the sitch, that the tickets might not be available. Soooo did not wanna disappoint him. We made a B plan of going to the movies instead.

The lady did not follow through on her promise and she told me I had to go there and use my media pass and I had to masquerade #1 Crush as an intern. I did not like the odds so I called #1 Crush. He was of the same opinion. So I asked him if he still wanted to hang with me and go to the movies. He sounded hesitant, then finally saying his friends are gathering for karaoke and that karaoke had been his B plan all along. Sigh. Thought he’d wanna take the opportunity to make it up to me for standing me up the weekend before.

He’d rather hang out with his friends karaoke-ing. Who was I to stop him? But there’s this voice at the back of my mind keeps telling me that there’s a reason why he’d blow me off again, even after standing me up. Maybe I was just deluding myself into thinking that he likes me and likes hanging out with me. I totally enjoy his company but he might not feel the same way. I hope that’s not the case but with the stuff that has happened, I don’t really know for sure. Am so confused…

Friday, February 1, 2008


I am writing this from the office. Yes, I have to work!! It's Federal Territory Day and I have to work!! I even have to work Saturday and Sunday!

No big really coz I get to replace these three days at a different time. But I freaked out a bit about working Saturday coz of the Switchfoot concert. Coz of the going to the concert with a certain someone.

I told him to go ahead to the concert without me if I ended up working late Saturday but he refused to go without me, for reasons known only to him. But I am going to be all 'glass half full' and say that he is being sweet. Altogether now... Awwww...

When I asked my boss about it, she snapped at me for having excuses when it comes to work. In front of people. So I waited for her to go back to her room, then asked her again, telling her about the concert and that I am going with that special someone. Yes, yes, I told her but skipped on the details. She assumed it's a girl. An actual girl. What... #1 Crush is a man... for the most part... hehehehe...

We checked the time and found that the event was only until 12. Thank Goddess. So it's still on. I hope #1 Crush won't fall asleep or anything and stand me up again. Oh, wait, I haven't told you guys this story yet. Well, I'm gonna. Watch this space.

Oh, and yes, the tickets have yet to materialize but my colleague assures me that the tickets are accounted for. We have to go to the convention center and hook up with her friend to get it. Hopefully there's no problem. Otherwise #1 Crush might get pissed. *crosses finger*