Sunday, April 29, 2007

Beauty & The Beasts

The storm has not yet passed but it has calmed down a bit around here and I could see rays of light peeking through the murky, cloudy skies.

Some sentiments can't be changed. Information were passed on during an emotionally bad period. Information that would ordinarily be processed as trivia but was blown out of proportions by a paranoid, frenzied mind.

Even without the information, a lot of people are questioning the validity and the sanctity of it all. Storm's brewing big but with a little communication and understanding on both ends, I think we'll ride it out. For now...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Faith, Hope & Trick

I don't wanna say it. But I'm gonna. A storm's brewing offscreen. I am not quite sure what but I've got a few people talking at me lately and making me see things either I might already know but pushed aside in utter denial, or things that I failed to see because of blurred judgment.

Seeing things in a different light is not something to joke about. It would make a body question things that are, things that will be and things that had past. Feelings get in the way of logic. Trust would be questioned.

Trust. Sigh. I am truly at a crossroads. Trust is not something gained easily. Have I gained the trust? Have I given my trust? I don't really know. Who do I trust? Who do I trust more?

Nothing to be gained from the thunder that rumbled in the distance. Absolutely nothing. Well, maybe one party might gain something.

Have I prepared for the eventual storm? Not exactly, but I did rush out and bought some emergency storm survival kits. For now, I am taking comfort in the survival kits. Right now, it's CNN vs the Weather Channel. I don't know which one is reporting the actual facts and which one is propaganda. Sigh.

I wanna see if I could ride it out. The storm. Wait for it to dissipate. I am hopeful, but not too hopeful, that everything would work out in the end. I want it to work out in the end. To survive the storm. To live happily ever after.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Dead Man's Party

I had a very interesting weekend. Went on a road trip. Bonded with Teddy. Had a relevation about something close to my heart. Fun, fun, fun. Except for the revelation part. That got me stumped to no end. Sigh.

We went to Teddy’s hometown because he had some business to take care off. I was a little hesitant because I was gonna meet Teddy’s mom. I am usually not really good with someone older. I don’t know how to act around them I guess.

But my fears were unfounded. Teddy’s mom rocks! I love her. I wish my own mom was like her. Cool and fun, but still very mom-like. They were like best friends, Teddy and his mom. I was like that with me own mom, before I upped and left for America. Now, she has chosen my brother as her favorite son and she just uses me as target practice for her killer scathing remarks. Sigh.

Anyways, it was fun and I don't think I've ever been to Ku*la K*ngs*r before. The drive back was an eye-opener. Teddy confessed that he is not good with the long distance driving and he kept saying that he was sleepy. I was supposed to drive in his place but there was no rest stop for miles. We played 20 Questions and Sharing Secrets to keep him awake. Interesting info but I was sworn, at knife point, to never repeat any of it. Ever. It was a nice road trip. Not at all Thelma & Louise. More Romy & Michelle.

ESS was quiet that day. Apparently, he played video games until 6 in the morning and slept the whole day. Sigh. Oh, and he also told me that he's not coming to KL any time soon. Financial stuff. If only I have money and a job, I could have gone to L*m*t, if he wants me to. But I don't have money at the moment. I hope we are strong enough to survive this long-distance-not-seeing-each-other-at-all, especially since I am sensing thunder rumbling in the distance.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


ESS has told me yesterday that he could not swing by KL next weekend because there is a N*vy Open Day something so he has to stay in L*m*t and work. Dammit. Was so looking forward to spending time with him. He could not come this weekend also because it's too soon a notice. What's a girl to do? :(

I am going on a road trip tomorrow with Teddy to Kuala K*ngs*r. Teddy has a thing and he needed someone to go with him. Yay! Road trip! I love road trips!

And I thought since I would be in the general area of Perak, I'd get to see ESS. Two birds. One stone. However, Teddy mentioned that it's about one hour's journey to KK from L*m*t. And as pointed out by ESS, I was insane to assume that he would wanna ride a bike and risk breaking his back just to meet me there. I am not L'oreal. I am not worth it.

Oh well, guess I am not gonna get to see my man until next month then. Sigh.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Becoming Part 2

After my interview, I went to Times Square to meet up with a guy. He had traveled from Melaka to spend a few days with me. With ‘permission’ from ESS of course.

I had known this guy for a year now. He finally asked if he could come to KL to meet up with me. It’s not like I have anything or anyone better to do so I agreed to play hostess.

It had been raining pussies and bitches when I got done with my interview. I was soaking wet when I arrived in Times Square. But I was not worried. It’s not like I really need to impress Melaka Guy or anything. My heart belonged to another. Yes, Melaka Guy was told of ESS’ existence. Melaka Guy also has a husband. And a boyfriend. Yup, two of them. Now, before I continue and before people pass judgment and think that we are just two cheating scums, let me remind people that I am in an open relationship and ESS has said that he did not mind. I don’t know about Melaka Guy’s guys though. Hmmm.

While we were there, we decided to catch The Reaping. Pretty good. Hilary Swank was kinda channeling Jennifer Garner’s Sydney Bristow at times. I think the movie’s twist was the thing that saved it from slight mediocrity.

Anyways, he kept insisting, before we actually met, that this is just a social visit. A friendly visit. He just wanted to finally meet up after one year of online acquaintancing. So, guess who made the first move when we went in the cinema? No! Not me! It was him. But when I wanted to reciprocate, he pushed my hands away. Tease much?

When we got back to my place, he kept his distance. So I figured he was honoring what he said and he had a lapse of judgment in the cinema, for about 5 minutes. I think he tried his hardest to not fall for my charm and sexiness (yeah, right) but he failed. Actually, I did not even think he had a thing for me as I am not a sexy beast. Even when he kept saying how much he is into my body and stuff, I still thought he was pulling my leg. All because he said that he did not wanna fool around.

Yeah. Right. Most of what he said can be thrown out the window. Like the whole not wanting to fool around thing. And not kissing anyone who he just met. Also not bottoming for anyone else except for the husband. *wink, wink*

He’s the only guy that has seen all aspect of my life. My good friends. My work friends. My bad singing. My mediocre bowling. My liking shoot-em-up arcades. My cooking. My competitiveness when it comes to boardgames. My movies. My DOA gaming. Okay, okay, except for family and blogging. He wanted to read this blog but I did not give him the URL. He’s already been exposed to so much. Not even ESS has been exposed to all that. ESS has the blog though so I want ESS alone to have that.

One thing that kinda ticked me off was the presumptuousness of him. No, he’s not arrogant. Only a little bit. Especially when it comes to feelings. He seemed to think that I was jealous when he was speaking to my friend. Oh come on. I so was not jealous. At all. I am far prettier. I am not worried about losing him to that friend. Heheheh.

He told me that he knows that I was jealous. I so did not want to burst his bubble. I let him think that. If he were ESS, that friend would have been admitted to the emergency ward on account of multiple scratches and loss of hair and scalp.

We’re just friends, who happened to be flirty and got jiggy with it. I am not really one to fall so easily, unless it’s ESS. Hehehehe. Also, I have ESS already. Come on! Sigh.

Speaking of, ESS basically left me alone all weekend long. So as to not disturb my romantic weekend. Romantic my ass. I am off the market. This grade-A sirloin is not for sale anymore.

I was a little sad and frustrated. It seemed like ESS did not even care that I was spending that much intimate time with the guy. Who knows what could happen eh? If the shoes were on the other feet, I would have interrupted them many, many times, just to remind him that he has a loving boyfriend and that he should just get it on, instead of getting lovey dovey.

That being said, I have to confess that I like the guy. I like the fact that I could take him to hang out with my friends without the world ending. I like the fact that he is not opposed to a civil union. I also like the guy was not exactly shy when showing his affections for me in public, discreetly of course, and in front of my friends. Some of my friends actually thought that ESS and I were history and that Melaka Guy was my new boyfriend. WTF?!

I also confess that I kinda told the guy that I like him. Of course, this was after the guy told me he liked me. Do I love him? No. I love ESS. Care? I guess I do care about him a little. But do I want a ring from him? Nope. Do I foresee anything more than just friends with benefits? No. He did say he doesn’t mind that my friends thought of him as my boyfriend. I mind. My boyfriend is in L*m*t. End of story.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Becoming Part 1

Sorry about the hanging bit in the last post... I thought I had more to go on... Hehehe. It’s my friend’s boyfriend. Dammit! There goes the threesome. Sigh. Again, sorry about that. The following would be totally unrelated. For the most part.

Um, have any of you noticed this pattern? When you’re single and available, nobody wants to play, let alone express lovey dovey feelings towards you. However, when you’re taken, people are lining up to be your lover. What is up with that?

Last week, I was pretty busy. I had interviews on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday was the failed threesome thing. Ooh, I almost forgot about the lame sex I had during the day. Lame as in it was like fucking a log. No foreplay or anything. Just immediately up the ass. Sigh.

I had an interview on Thursday so I was getting ready to sleep when I got a call from one guy, saying that he was near Tasik Permaisuri and wished to drop by. He was not alone. Ooh. Yay! More sexcapades!

They came and we played Dead or Alive on X-Box for a couple of hours, until one got tired and went into my room to rest. Between the two, I found that the one who stayed with me outside was far hotter and had a nicer body. Actually, I have been drooling over him since last year. I knew I was not even close to his league so I just settled for drooling from afar.

But there he was, sprawled on my couch, with me kicking his ass on DOA. Once his friend went inside the room, he started touching me. Of course, I had to reciprocate. What’s funny about that moment was that I was playing the game using one hand and still kicking his ass. He had to stop touching me and concentrate on defending himself, to no avail.

He gave up and stripped. I was psyched. The licking turned into biting, which I kinda like. However, it was a bit disappointing when he refused to suck me. Apparently that’s just something that he doesn’t do. So, when he asked for a key to my magical kingdom, I told him that’s just something I don’t give to anyone. Bitchy, huh? Serves him right though. Just because you’re pretty, it doesn’t mean that you’re better than a cocksucker. Heheheh. Anyways, he settled for a dry hump and came all over my ass.

In the mean time, his friend, the shorter, less hot one, was sending me lewd messages, wanting me to go into the room and do him. I so totally felt like a prostitute, excited and disgusted at the same time. Heh. It turned out the short one is a far better lay that the hot one. He was devouring me. All of me. There was not a part of me that he did not lick. I was so turned on that I allowed him entrance to the magical kingdom. Yup, you read right. I was mentally, physically and emotionally prepared. It took him a while to insert the key. A burst of pain came when it finally happened. Just as I was about to get used to the pain, he took it out and announced that he had arrived. That was quick, and kinda disappointing. Sigh.

Finally got a chance for some shut eye at 6.30 in the morning. Thank Goddess my interview was at 3.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Go Fish

Something weird happened Wednesday night. I was invited to a threesome at a hotel in KL. It had been a while since I was in a threesome so I jumped at the chance. The guy who invited me was a guy I fooled around a few weeks ago. He came to me for a massage and we ended up doing other things, if you know what I mean. Actually, this is the second threesome he invited me to. Although the first one did not quite take, I guess he is sticking to the “If at first you don’t succeed…” mantra.

Apparently this third guy was supposed to be free for only a couple of hours before his roommate comes back to the room. I was told to get a cab, even though I could have easily taken the LRT. I was not gonna waste money, booty call notwithstanding.

However, once I got down from my flat, it was pouring rain. I had to run to the bus stop and flag down a cab. Fifteen minutes later, I arrived at my destination and met the Massage Guy at the lobby. We made our way up to the third guy’s room. I was psyched. Hey, what’s with that look? Come on. I still love ESS. Very much. Remember the whole ‘no-sex-with-each-other-open-relationship’ thing that we have? Yeah, I am not cheating. Stop giving me that look! I do feel guilty okay? If it were up to me, I’d stick to my man only but since my man dun find me droolworthy, I gotta find me some other avenues to get my freak on. *hangs head down in shame*

Anyways, we knocked. Dude, stop giving me that look! Oh, is that you? My conscience. I thought so. *ignoring conscience*

The door opened to reveal…. I was taken aback. I so did not see it coming. Holy crap! Massage Guy was baffled. The third guy was quite shocked too. Holy Mother of… it’s my… it’s my…

To be continued…

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Only Have Eyes For You

Second interview went quite well. This post is an editorial assistant post and sounded like something I am very interested in. However, they cannot match my current salary. I'll know by tomorrow if I am shortlisted or not.

My nephew is okay. He's not hospitalized. So I am going for that Cosmop*int interview but I have to call them first to find out exactly what job I am being interviewed for. I did the resume drop thingy at the recent career fair and they called me but did not specify a job. Hmmm.

ESS is being a little too quiet these days. He claims he's busy with stuff. I am remembering my (silent) promise to him and I'll behave and not question him too much. What? I can't change? :P

Out of pure boredom, I went to blogthings and did this quiz. I got a B!

Your Vocabulary Score: B

You have a zealous love for the English language, and many find your vocabulary edifying.
Don't fret that you didn't get every word right, your vocabulary can be easily ameliorated!

Oooh, I was in Borders last weekend, waiting for ESS, and I grabbed a book and read it. It was very funny. I completely spaced on the title now but I do remember it's about funny quotes. Here's one:

A nun came to see her Mother Superior for a confession. "Forgive me, for I have sinned. Sin of the flesh. Father Thomas came to me last night and told me that I have the Gates of Heaven between my legs. He said that he has the Key to Heaven so he inserted it in." The Mother Superior screamed in response, "Bastard! He told me it was the Trumpet of Gabriel! I had been blowing on it all these years!"

Monday, April 9, 2007

Killed By Death

The first job interview kinda sucked. The Bern*m* one. It was for a radio news anchor position. I have a friend who worked there and he recommended me. I have no idea why coz I don't have Mass Comm background whatsoever and I am not necessarily the most talkative person.

There were just too many "Umms" in my sentences for me to even be considered for that position. Oh well.

My mom called me in the midst of the interview and told me that my nephew had been admitted to the hospital. Low blood pressure or something. After tomorrow's interview, I am going back to my hometown.

Oh, there's another interview at Cosmopoint for a position that I don't really know. But they wanna meet me on Thursday. I don't think I'll be in town though. What's a gurl to do? Nephew or job? Job or nephew? Hmm, I hope ESS is fine. He is travelling back to L*m*t as I am typing this.

Sunday, April 8, 2007


I got 2 job interviews lined up next week. One on Monday, the other on Tuesday.

Actually, the Tuesday one was supposed to be last Saturday but ESS was in town. Knowing me with him, it’d be close to dawn before we’d catch some zzzs so I rescheduled. Plus, the Monday interview is with Bern*m* and I am quite sexcited about the prospect of this one. I’d like to see if I have a shot or not.

The Tuesday one is not a bad one but location-wise? It sucks. No form of formidable, realible public transportation whatsoever. I have to depend on cabs. Sucks for me. I am told it’s not too far away from my place but cab fare can be a bitch if added altogether.

We’ll see. Wish me luck y’alls.

Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered

The weekend flew by so quickly. ESS is now in J*h*r with his family. We watched the movie Jangan Pandang Belakang, which was quite scary. However, the makers of the movie did not know a good thing when they see it and had to ruin the scare factor/eerie ambiance of the movie (read: loud noises, wooden acting, OTT make-up).

Something happened between ESS and I before we got to watch the movie. Nope, nothing naughty. Get your minds out of the gutter. The bus was late so he was also late. He arrived barely one hour before the movie. But that’s not the thing. I got a message from him, asking whether it was okay for his ‘friend’ to hang out with us.

I threw a hissy fit. No, it’s not okay for his ‘friend’ to join us. I hardly get to see ESS. Now that he is coming to town, I gotta share him with some hussy? Don’t think so. Just as I was about to go into complete Drama Mama mode, it hit me. I realized that I had been a selfish prick. Of course ESS had other ‘friends’ and he’d wanna meet them. He’s been coming over to see me only these past few times.

So I told him to go ahead and meet the guy and to come on back to my place after they were done. Of course, my heart was aching when I told him that but what’s a gurl to do? I won’t be the boyfriend who keeps his man on a leash, not letting him see anyone. Plus, we’re in an open relationship. He should be free to meet and do anyone he wants.

The thing that made me threw a hissy fit and had a heart aneurysm was that we had planned this earlier. Then, he thought he’d include an outsider into our date. That stings a bit. If we had not planned anything yet, I would not have minded as much. It would hurt, but not as bad.

In the end, ESS did not go through with the meet-up. He said he did not tell the other bitch, I mean, guy, about our plans. The guy asked him what his plans was and ESS immediately sought my approval. Which I gave but I told him to count me out. He said he’s not gonna do that. I insisted but he insisted that he’s on his way to Times Square to meet me. Alone.

When he arrived, ESS was baffled when I was in a bit of a sour mode. I had an epiphany. Again. God, I am so Season Six Buffy. Anyways, I was not as important as the ‘friend’. Our date and time together was not quite special that he was considering letting his ‘friend’ hang with us. I was devastated. I guess I have a long ways to go before I am #1 in his heart. Sigh.

But I got over it eventually. He came alone to Times Square. He did not invite the ‘friend’ to hang with us in the end. However, he did not wear our wedding band. Talk about adding salt to injury. I took mine off coz he was not wearing his. He demanded that I gave him the ring to wear in place of his ring because he totally spaced in the midst of the chaos that was last minute packing.

But I gotta say this though. Nothing changed between us. At least for my part. Still sticking with him, still loving him no matter what. Got to work harder I guess to finally reign supreme as #1 in his heart. I hope I would be blessed with inspirations as to how I could achieve this.

Friday, April 6, 2007


I am in Times Square right now, waiting fr ESS to show. We're going to watch Jangan Pandang Belakang. It's been like a tradition or a must for us to meet up and watch a Malay horror movie. Our first date, we watched Puaka Tebing Biru, then we caught Chermin. Now, it's Jangan Pandang Belakang.

ESS is in town only for the night. He is stopping by on his way back to his hometown for his brother's engagement or wedding or something that I totally spaced right about now. So sad, only getting to see him for one night. *turns on Jennifer Hudson mode* "One night only... one night only... that's all we have..." I so can't pull of that afro/helmet thingy that she was sportin'. Sigh.

Anyways, I asked ESS several times about that thing that he wrote, which I thought was dedicated to me but now I am not so sure coz it could be directed to anyone. He is totally non-committal and gave me the run-around. There are a few things I think is happening here.

If he did write that with me in mind, then yay! But what's with the cryptic and utter refusal to answer me straight? Although I understood why he could not answer straight, it's coz he is gay, muahahahhaha. Anyways, methinks someone's having the case of the nerves and don't really wanna commit, or at least verbalize the commitment because he'd been hurt before (and subsequently blamed for the failed relationship). Either that, or he has the ego the size of One Utama and would never admit his feelings before the other person admits it first. Hmmm. I think it's the latter. Classic chaser syndrome.

If he did not write it with me in mind, then I am in deep shit. I've already emotionally invested in this relationship. Not too mention monetary. Oh. My. God. Do you know how much our combined total phone bill came up to last month? Jennifer Lopez was totally lying. Love does cost. (Thanks to Teddy from teddytales) for the pop culture reference).

Oh well. I am not gonna let this bother me. Nor the ominous prediction/dire warning that I received from Prof Karen Walker (which kinda bothered ESS and I think he got a bit upset, the poor guy). I am sticking to my man no matter what. Or at least until he finds The One that he is seeking (or he already has, judging from the criptic post) and drops me like a ton of bricks. Hence his ringtone is now Stickwitu by the awesome Pussycat Dolls.

"Nobody's gonna love me better, I must stick wit u forever. Nobody's gonna take me higher. I must stick wit u. You know how to appreciate me, I must stick wit u my baby. Nobody ever make me feel this way, I must stick wit u."

P/S - Somehow, the vision of me wearing tight, ripped clothing with animal prints seemed so wrong also. Hmm, is there anything I could rock? Sigh.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Anybody watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer would know of one Riley Finn. Buffy's second boyfriend. Her first boyfriend (and true love) was Angel, the vampire with a soul. Angel left her and headed for Los Angeles after the battle with the Mayor of Sunnydale (who had turned into a huge demon snake thingy) because he wanted her to have a chance at a normal life (and also for him to headline his own television series).

After that, in Season 4, Buffy kinda sorta fell for Riley Finn, the corn-fed Iowa boy who seemed to be a nice, normal TA. He was, however, part of a covert government ops to capture and study demons.

After a tumultuous courting, complete with blood, gore, fighting, drug addiction, danger addiction and ego bruising, Riley left Buffy and went back to his military roots. Buffy never saw it coming. To her, Riley was safe. Riley could not hurt her like Angel did. To Riley, he never actually had Buffy. Mostly because Buffy tended to go for the dark and brooding. He would always second guess Buffy's attraction for him. At one point, he even refused to get treatment for the drugs in his system (unknowingly taking them via food, laced by the military) because he was afraid that Buffy would leave him once he reverts to being a Regular Joe.

Sounds familiar? OMG. When have I become a Riley? I want to be a Slayer, or a self-absorbed witch. Hell, I'll take a werewolf any day over Riley Finn, Captain Cardboard. But in this situation, I am Riley. ESS is Buffy. Sigh.

I am the one who constantly ask that question. Why is he with me when I know I am not his type? Would he still love me if I change? Would today be the day some other chubs would sweep him off his feet?

Yup, much like Riley. His fears of losing Buffy was monumental. When Dracula came to town and put the moves on Buffy, he took it hard and took it personally. So did I. When someone from the Merlion City came to town and put the moves on him. Sigh.

Anyways, I promise to be less paranoid and cut ESS (who shall forever be known as Buffy to my Riley) some slack. ESS wrote this thing and I kinda read it. If I read it right and he did write it with me in mind, then I really got to treat him right and stop being paranoid and accusing him of things that he had not done yet. Even if that was not meant for me, I'd still try to be a better boyfriend.

P/S - Happy One Month Anniversary ESS! Or should I say 1st Monthiversary! Hopefully there will be more monthiversaries to come!

PP/S - I know it's dumb to celebrate monthiversary but if you know how hard it was to get this relationship off the ground, all the drama, the heartaches and headaches that we had to go through, then you'd understand. *cough* prof karen walker *cough*

Monday, April 2, 2007


I went and caught Meet the Robinsons last Thursday. It was one of those rare days that I actually got up before noon these days. I was supposed to go to the L'oreal Warehouse Sale in Park Royal to get Prof Karen Walker some beauty products.

Actually, funny story. He had me go to Park Royal the week before for the sale. When I got there, the place was totally empty. When I SMSed him, he said it was his bad and that the sale was actually next week. Can you believe it? I was punked! It was not even April Fools Day. Hmm, guess it’s not really funny. Heh.

So I went last Thursday. His beautification products were not available but there was the Biotherm Homme Abdosculpt for 70 bucks. He said it was cheap considering the normal price is about 200 something. So I bought him one and got ESS one. Oh, oops, that was supposed to be a surprise. Oh well, cat’s out of the bag.

Then I went to Times Square and saw my cousin. He wanted some money. We had a late lunch at Secret Recipe, then I caught the movie. Meet the Robinsons marks Disney’s foray back into animation after a long hiatus. Or should I say, after letting Pixar do all the heavy lifting.

The movie is about an orphan named Lewis who coincidentally is quite the genius. He is searching for his mother, who abandoned him at an orphanage when he was a baby. He got this brilliant idea to tap into the brain to find a memory (so that he could remember what his mom looked like and attempt to find her).

A good looking boy showed up claiming he was from the future, telling Lewis he needed to finish the memory extracting machine thingy. He also warns Lewis of a villain he aptly called the Bowler Hat Guy.

Of course, Lewis totally blew him off until the boy proved he was actually from the future. It was at this point where the movie picked up its stride. Yup, it was quite a snoozer for a while.

The landscape of the future city was reminiscent of the one from the Robots movie. In fact, when a robot with a personality showed up, I could not help but be reminded of Robin Williams’ robot in Robots.

For an animated movie and a Disney one to boot, the laughs are few and far in between. There’s a hilarious sequence with a talking frog and also a Tyrannosaurus. There might have been a couple of other scenes that was rib-tickle worthy but I spaced. It was quite forgettable actually. I was a little disappointed. Disney used to be the master when it comes to animation. Aladdin? Beauty & the Beast? The Lion King? What happened? Sigh.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Bad Eggs

I had a post all written out but the USB connector for this PC at the cybercafe is broken. Literally. It's like someone crushed it with a hammer. Dammit. Now I have to come up with something completely fresh. There was a bit of a drama/trouble in paradise which would explain the Siti Nurhaliza song posted in the last post. Hehehe. Yes, I am overly dramatic. And yes, that song is dedicated to a certain someone.

Anyways, I wanna talk about the weekend. I hung out with two new people. One is apparently a very famous bear type guy from the Merlion Country and the other is not so famous chub from Kuala S*lang*r. Both are friends of Prof Karen Walker.

We went to Baskin Robbins because it was the 31st of the month and Baskins has the 31% discount every 31st of the month. So we made our way to the Baskins in Queen's Park where we pigged out. After that, we went to Ampang Point for a bit of bowling, which I had not done in quite some time. Then, we went to MBO to catch Pan's Labyrinth.

Now, on to the newbies. Merlion Bear was not too bad. Quite a nice guy. Except for the fact that he is jonesing for some hot action with ESS. A fact that he did not bother to disguise at all. Which irks me to no end. Just coz we're in an open relationship and that we could do anyone we want, doesn't make it less painful to know. A little tact could have been nice. Sigh.

The other guy, well, I dunno where to begin. Gotta be careful what I say about him coz he's Prof Karen Walker's scandal. Hehehe. I finally got a chance to see Karen in action, complete with suave charm. No wonder he's called the Heartbreaker. Mariah much?

Anyways, I could tell that this guy was totally in love with Karen. The fact that Karen failed to notice and piled on the charm. Usually he'd notice things about other people but this time, when it comes to his own thing, he is surprisingly slow to see it coming.

Lessee, the guy was so fucking annoying that I had to refrain myself from actually kicking him in the face. But since I did not really get a chance to talk with him much, so it was not a big deal. Mostly coz I was SMSing ESS. Hehhehe. Suddenly, we got talking about talk shows and Oprah and then Tyra and naturally move onto America's Next Top Model topic.

Of course I follow ANTM. I love em bitchy antics. He too watches and he blurts out the name of the winner of Cycle 6. I know, so not the drama coz Cycle 6 is not the current season. But I am not blessed with high speed Internet to download and I don't have frens who download ANTM. I avoid spoilers coz Cycle 6 is showing on Channel V.

Maybe he did not mean to blurt it out. I told him that he had effectively ruined my Monday nights. He did not get it and told me who was in the final two. That stupid son of a... WTF?! This is so reminiscent of The Apprentice that one time. I was watching the finale to see who's gonna win. There was like half an hour left of the finale when my friend told me that the black guy had won. I was royally pissed. I wasted my night watching that. Not too mention my life. I could have just got on the Net and find out. But I like the anticipation and the nerve-wrecking tension. *^*&^%&

Don't even get me started on his attitude. Not that I am the nicest person or anything. But at least I don't go around making snide remarks about everything. It was turning me off majorly. Hey, I'm all about living it up and having nice things and all, but sometimes you just gotta slum it. Sheesh. Hopefully this guy won't repeat these 'offences' the next time he is in town. And hopefully Karen would be able to teach him how to live in the world amongst people, in between making out of course. Muahahahha.

By the way, Karen has this idea in his head that me and ESS has done the deed. Which we had not. We were in Tesco and I mentioned that the boxers on display looked exactly like ESS' boxers. He seemed to think that one of us is lying about the not sleeping together thingy. We sleep in boxers and we walked around at home in our boxers. That is how I know what color his boxers are. Not from some other activity. :P


To whom it may concern...

Bermaknakah tiap baris kata-kata
Ataukah hanya di bibir saja
Bersungguhkan rindu yang engkau pamirkan
Ataukan sekadar lakonan

Telah melekat dalam hatiku
Walau awan lalu
Rinduku tak berubah arah

Purnama mengambang cuma berteman
Bintang berkelipan dan juga awan
Siapa tahu rindu yang mencengkam
Di hatiku

Aku meminta pada yang ada
Aku merindu pada yang kasih
Aku merayu padamu yang sudi