Sunday, April 8, 2007

Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered

The weekend flew by so quickly. ESS is now in J*h*r with his family. We watched the movie Jangan Pandang Belakang, which was quite scary. However, the makers of the movie did not know a good thing when they see it and had to ruin the scare factor/eerie ambiance of the movie (read: loud noises, wooden acting, OTT make-up).

Something happened between ESS and I before we got to watch the movie. Nope, nothing naughty. Get your minds out of the gutter. The bus was late so he was also late. He arrived barely one hour before the movie. But that’s not the thing. I got a message from him, asking whether it was okay for his ‘friend’ to hang out with us.

I threw a hissy fit. No, it’s not okay for his ‘friend’ to join us. I hardly get to see ESS. Now that he is coming to town, I gotta share him with some hussy? Don’t think so. Just as I was about to go into complete Drama Mama mode, it hit me. I realized that I had been a selfish prick. Of course ESS had other ‘friends’ and he’d wanna meet them. He’s been coming over to see me only these past few times.

So I told him to go ahead and meet the guy and to come on back to my place after they were done. Of course, my heart was aching when I told him that but what’s a gurl to do? I won’t be the boyfriend who keeps his man on a leash, not letting him see anyone. Plus, we’re in an open relationship. He should be free to meet and do anyone he wants.

The thing that made me threw a hissy fit and had a heart aneurysm was that we had planned this earlier. Then, he thought he’d include an outsider into our date. That stings a bit. If we had not planned anything yet, I would not have minded as much. It would hurt, but not as bad.

In the end, ESS did not go through with the meet-up. He said he did not tell the other bitch, I mean, guy, about our plans. The guy asked him what his plans was and ESS immediately sought my approval. Which I gave but I told him to count me out. He said he’s not gonna do that. I insisted but he insisted that he’s on his way to Times Square to meet me. Alone.

When he arrived, ESS was baffled when I was in a bit of a sour mode. I had an epiphany. Again. God, I am so Season Six Buffy. Anyways, I was not as important as the ‘friend’. Our date and time together was not quite special that he was considering letting his ‘friend’ hang with us. I was devastated. I guess I have a long ways to go before I am #1 in his heart. Sigh.

But I got over it eventually. He came alone to Times Square. He did not invite the ‘friend’ to hang with us in the end. However, he did not wear our wedding band. Talk about adding salt to injury. I took mine off coz he was not wearing his. He demanded that I gave him the ring to wear in place of his ring because he totally spaced in the midst of the chaos that was last minute packing.

But I gotta say this though. Nothing changed between us. At least for my part. Still sticking with him, still loving him no matter what. Got to work harder I guess to finally reign supreme as #1 in his heart. I hope I would be blessed with inspirations as to how I could achieve this.

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