Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Health has been an issue lately... so much so that I haven't been to work in a while... which usually is fine with me but I dun want the office to think I am this sick-prone person... sigh...

Anyway, in addition, now I have kidney stones... sigh... passing em will be hell for sure...

On the plus side, I have lost some weight or so it seems... people kept telling me this... :)

Monday, May 2, 2011


Have started to get this feeling... that I am in a dead end job... even though I love working there and the job allows me much flexibility... but there is little guarantee I can move up the organization and even littler guarantee I can enter the mothership... I mean, the parent company... not to mention that the salary has been stagnant and the benefits too little and the annual leave is still stuck at 14... this is my fourth year... I think I have to do something... soon...

Monday, April 25, 2011


I had been maintaining several blogs, with totally different topics... ya know, to keep it separate so that everything is clear...

Had to say goodbye to one of my oldest blogs... I started that blog in 2004... can you imagine? It had survived for almost 7 years... but due to several unfortunate circumstances, it had to go...

I actually had deleted that blog a couple of times... but that was due mostly to stalker issues... this time, it was due to the people around me...

It became an entity on its own, bigger presence than me... up to a point where people talk about it more than they talk about me... I mean, come on... it's just a blog... I am more than just words... but some people could not get past it and kept telling other people...

So I had to put a stop to it... might as well, the blog had run its course and was way off topic after a few years... I am sad that I had to let it go coz it felt like part of me... it was an outlet for me to vent out but I guess I have to vent out in some other way... sigh...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Am officially starting to write for a web magazine that is kinda cult-ish and aimed for our people only... not sure how I feel about them wanting a byline/bio/pic on it... coz... do I want to be associated OPENLY with that?

Hmmm... on one paw, I do like the idea of getting to write and contribute articles... but the sitch in Malaysia... is it really worth it?

Monday, August 30, 2010

The List

Found this while rummaging through the hard disk... Apparently, I've saved this list for a reason...

Target for 2005 or before I turn 27 (June 2006)
1. Travel out of the Country
2. Be in a relationship that lasts longer than 3 months
3. Save RM3000
4. Finish writing one script/book
5. Find affordable place
6. Have a nice group of friends
7. Talk to 12 strangers
8. Lose 22 kgs
9. Learn how to swim
10. Bowl a game of 210

Things to do before turning 30 (in June 2008):
1. Travel abroad (Australia, Indonesia, Europe)
2. Finish writing a book/script and/or get published
3. Own an apartment/house
4. Own a car
5. Have threesome with two white guys
6. Be invited to an orgy
7. Have 5000 bucks in savings account
8. Participate in extreme sports (bungee jump, sky-diving etc)
9. Get Lasik done on my eyes

Okay, so it's 2010 and I am 32 years old... have I accomplished any of the things I have listed to be achieved by 27 or 30? No. I have achieved some but only recently.

Well, I now have a nice group of friends. I do talk to strangers sometimes. I lost close to 22 kgs and I have bowled a game of 211.

I have traveled to Singapore. Had the threesome and the orgy, eheheh... that's all...

I should really shoot for the getting published part of the list...

Monday, August 2, 2010


Well, I am back... no longer in the relationship mentioned in the post below. But am now straddling a couple of 'relationships' but not exactly anchoring down anywhere.

Job-wise, I have been given the task of a copywriter. Unfortunately, this 'promotion' is not exactly in black and white and of course, no pay increase.

I am quite happy doing copywriting so I'll ride it out to see what's gonna happen later on...

Friday, March 26, 2010


Good God, I've neglected this blog for soooooo long... I've been preoccupied with lotsa other things.

Hmm, lessee... what's new in my life... still living at the same place, still having the same job, which is slowly becoming the longest job I've ever had... ah, something is indeed new...

I am in a relationship now... albeit an open one... the other party insisted, of course... and it's a long distance relationship... today's the 26th day... maybe it lasted that long coz of the long distance...

Actually, and this maybe a post on its own but I am not exactly happy with some of the things in the relationship... but I dun wanna open that can of worms yet. I am going to meet up with him soon... yes, I am flying to see my man... :)