Monday, April 16, 2007

Becoming Part 1

Sorry about the hanging bit in the last post... I thought I had more to go on... Hehehe. It’s my friend’s boyfriend. Dammit! There goes the threesome. Sigh. Again, sorry about that. The following would be totally unrelated. For the most part.

Um, have any of you noticed this pattern? When you’re single and available, nobody wants to play, let alone express lovey dovey feelings towards you. However, when you’re taken, people are lining up to be your lover. What is up with that?

Last week, I was pretty busy. I had interviews on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday was the failed threesome thing. Ooh, I almost forgot about the lame sex I had during the day. Lame as in it was like fucking a log. No foreplay or anything. Just immediately up the ass. Sigh.

I had an interview on Thursday so I was getting ready to sleep when I got a call from one guy, saying that he was near Tasik Permaisuri and wished to drop by. He was not alone. Ooh. Yay! More sexcapades!

They came and we played Dead or Alive on X-Box for a couple of hours, until one got tired and went into my room to rest. Between the two, I found that the one who stayed with me outside was far hotter and had a nicer body. Actually, I have been drooling over him since last year. I knew I was not even close to his league so I just settled for drooling from afar.

But there he was, sprawled on my couch, with me kicking his ass on DOA. Once his friend went inside the room, he started touching me. Of course, I had to reciprocate. What’s funny about that moment was that I was playing the game using one hand and still kicking his ass. He had to stop touching me and concentrate on defending himself, to no avail.

He gave up and stripped. I was psyched. The licking turned into biting, which I kinda like. However, it was a bit disappointing when he refused to suck me. Apparently that’s just something that he doesn’t do. So, when he asked for a key to my magical kingdom, I told him that’s just something I don’t give to anyone. Bitchy, huh? Serves him right though. Just because you’re pretty, it doesn’t mean that you’re better than a cocksucker. Heheheh. Anyways, he settled for a dry hump and came all over my ass.

In the mean time, his friend, the shorter, less hot one, was sending me lewd messages, wanting me to go into the room and do him. I so totally felt like a prostitute, excited and disgusted at the same time. Heh. It turned out the short one is a far better lay that the hot one. He was devouring me. All of me. There was not a part of me that he did not lick. I was so turned on that I allowed him entrance to the magical kingdom. Yup, you read right. I was mentally, physically and emotionally prepared. It took him a while to insert the key. A burst of pain came when it finally happened. Just as I was about to get used to the pain, he took it out and announced that he had arrived. That was quick, and kinda disappointing. Sigh.

Finally got a chance for some shut eye at 6.30 in the morning. Thank Goddess my interview was at 3.


Calvin said...

Oh my god! You're so wild, man!!!

Evan Owens said...

Me? Wild? You must have mistaken me for someone else... Paul maybe... hhehehhe...