Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fear Itself

My family was in town last weekend for a catering gig. And as per usual, my niece and nephew were jumping up and down in anticipation of my arrival. However, it was in Bangi so I could only go there on Saturday. They’d been here since Thursday.

As per usual, I really could not be in the same room with my mom for that long, in case she decides to lift her wand and send the Avada Kedarva curse my way or something. However, I could not really leave because it was raining cats and dogs so I had to stay. Luckily, she was too tired out from pulling an all-nighter to cook the beef that she fell asleep. Everybody did, leaving me and the kids.

Thank God I brought the new Buffy book, Portal Through Time. It tells the story of a powerful vampire magi that decided to go back in time and kill Buffy so that she could not stop the Master from rising (in the Season 1 finale). However, he found that killing Buffy before she was became the Slayer did not help since the alternative reality Slayer slew the Master still. So he went back again and killed her as a child. Still things did not change.

He then decided to go back in time further and disrupt the natural order of Slayer activation by killing past Slayers before their actual deaths, as recorded in history. The plan was to activate different Slayers at different times so that Buffy would be activated at a different time and or not activated at all. Buffy got wind of the plan and went back in time to stop the assassination attempts on past Slayers and she met with some of her kindred in arms. Fascinating stuff, especially for a Slayer freak like me. Not the thrash band, but the one girl in all the world chosen to fight the forces of darkness. I even have a website detailing Slayers, past, present and future. Yup, I need to get a life but there’s something about Slayers… wish I was a Slayer. Would the Powers that Be consider making someone who’s half a girl a Slayer? Hmmm…

I digress. Finally, at 6, the rain stopped and I managed to clamber out of there. But not without the kids and my sister in tow. I did not know this but later on, I found out that I made my mom cry. My sister told me. She was hurt that I did not invite her to my pad but I was bringing the kids and my sister. I did feel a pang of guilt but with her ultraviolent streak of harsh criticism and the fact that I had a week of fun, fun, fun and did not have the time to straighten up the place yet made me not feel that bad.

I brought my sister to my place so that she could straighten it out and made it nicer than what I had done. I really had no idea that my mom would wanna see my pad. Guess she’s curious. It was lucky that I did not ask her to come with because when my sister was tidying up, she found a used condom in the ashtray. I was out with my friend bowling and she SMSed me. I think I know who left the damned condom there and if I ever see him again, I’ll give him a spanking he won’t forget. Wait, what if he likes it? Then it’s not actually punishment…

Anyways, now my place is far better organized and neater. Dunno how long it will last though. I have been known to get extremely lazy when it comes to tidying up. My sister was right. I have far too many things in the house for someone who’s living alone. Before anyone brand me as an opportunist and was just using my sister for her Majlis Bandaraya skills, my sister swiped two of my IKEA long glasses, half of my DVD collection and even some of my containers. I hate being the fashionable sibling…

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Harsh Light of Day

My Office Crush (MOC) has abandoned me. He has stopped the flirting. I don’t get it. We have not done anything yet, just looking at each other with longing. Sigh.

The fag hag receptionist seems to think that MOC is an olskool chaser. He likes his guys meaty. He likes big butt and he cannot lie.

Not that I am super skinny but since I am on this health kick and been eating less rice and cutting down on sugar, I started getting a little leaner and my jelly belly’s reduced in size. My female colleagues all noticed the slight difference and I guess MOC also noticed and he’s not even giving me his trademark side glances.

What’s a gurl to do? Do I eat normally again and gain back my chubby figure? Or just let it be and let him go…?


I have not been watching what I eat and have been eating rice normally for the past few days. The fag hag receptionist told me it’s a good thing so that MOC would flirt again. It turns out to be true. He’s back to giving me sly side glances and sexy smiles… So I should pig out now? What a pickle…

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Living Conditions

My fag hag is being weird lately. She is getting married soon so she got herself a couple of bank loans. However, her wedding date kept on being pushed back that in the end, her parents are finally offering to pay for the wedding. She’s a happy girl. She gets to get married and she has money in the bank.

So she starts to live larger than life and is spending like crazy. Good for her right? But the thing that I don’t get is why is she trying to drag me into her crazy lifestyle. Okay, so I used to make quite a lot of money. I am not anymore. Starting over sucks! Anyway, she just assumed that I would totally jump on her bandwagon and do everything her way, which is always expensive.

I told her that I might go for holiday with my friends during Merdeka weekend so I don’t think I should go for a weekend vacation. Oh, she asked me if I wanted to go to PD with her for the weekend. It would be around 200 bucks. I told her I’d need to save that for the Merdeka weekend trip and she dismissed that with a “Yeah, right.”

Money has gone to her head. I have seen her bank account. It’s quite a huge amount. And she’s only paying like 200 bucks a month or something. So she doesn’t quite feel the sting of it. Sigh. If only I have money like some people, then I could just go vacationing whenever, wherever I like…

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Freshman

I love the Order of the Phoenix! I so did not like Hermoine and Ron relegated to supporting but with more focused given to Ginny Weasley, Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood, it was kinda worth it.

The fourth quarter of the movie was brilliant. The magical duels were exciting and thrilling, even though someone (who shall not be named… big gasp, could it be Voldy himself?) said that fighting using wands are wussy. A Big Bad with no nose is wussy. Ya want a real man’s action movie? Use light sabers. Wear leather and masks and capes. Speak like James Earl Jones. Yeah, whatever…

Anyways, Ginny Weasley is turning out to be quite the witch and Neville Longbottom is quite a surprisingly adept wizard. Luna Lovegood is cute and whimsical. I did not like Cho Chang though. Hmm…

Anyways, the weather is kinda drabby these days. I found myself kinda sick again. My nose is running. I better go catch it unless I wanna end up a wuss with no nose like Voldemort.

My current crush on that someone is put on the backburner for the moment. I am reassessing my feelings and the situation. Ooh, new crush! Yesterday, we saw Harry Porter and one of my friends brought the cutest guy. But I think he has a boyfriend. Dammit. Why am I always too late? Or always getting the seriously needy ones? Or psychotic ones? Sigh…

In other news, The Ex and I rarely communicate these days. He would only contact me if he’s in trouble or if he needs something from me. Guess our friendship was never that strong after all. Sigh. Maybe it’s better this way…

Monday, July 9, 2007

Graduation Day, Part 2

So many summer movies, so little time. I have caught Spiderman 3 (wasn’t feeling it), Shrek the Third (so not funny), Ocean’s Thirteen (snazzy!), Surf’s Up (okay la, not bad), Transformers (AWESOME!!!) and Die Hard 4.0 (good movie). Now it’s time for the latest Harry Potter.

Yup, The Order of the Phoenix is upon us. And then, a week later, The Deathly Hallows will be released. I have gotten wind of some spoilers online. Major characters are destined to die. I hope it’s not true. It would be a kick ass scene but I hope it’s not true. I hope those are soilers instead of actual spoilers.

Teddy was at Times Square earlier today and he managed to secure tickets for the lot of us. I asked for two tickets. I wanted to bring a guy whom I am crushing on at the moment. Yes, yes, I have a crush on someone.

I asked him if he would wanna go see. He said he wanna, but dunno whether he could actually make it. He is resting at home today because he has food poisoning and he won’t know whether he would recover in time. But since he said he wanted to, I went ahead and asked Teddy to get the extra ticket.

However, a couple of hours later, he messaged, saying that he definitely could not make it. Sigh. Now I have an extra ticket. So I messaged almost everybody I know but all of them could not make it. Either the showing is too late (9.30 is late?) or they have somewhere else better to be.
Anybody game to watch Harry Potter this Wednesday (11th) at Times Square? Give me a holler k?

Monday, July 2, 2007

Graduation Day Part 1

Work sucks. I can’t go to the toilet for five minutes without my boss checking up on me. Sigh. My current project is a bit complicated and I am kinda stumped. It so doesn’t help that the headache that I have been having came back and brought some friends along with. Even my eyeballs are hurting. Sigh.

I have made a new fag hag at the office. The office receptionist. She knows I am crushing on this one tall cute Chinese guy and she keeps updating me on his movements. She’ll call me if he comes in, goes to smoke or toilet. Hehehe. Not that I asked her to, mind you. She seems to think that we both would make a good couple.

I’ve noticed that he had been checking me out. At first, the receptionist was kinda skeptical. Eh, why is everyone skeptical about me being checked out? Am I that fugly? Anyways, I decided to let her see it with her own eyeballs. I hung out at the reception area and voila, Tall Cute Chi Guy came by and went smoking. When he returned, he checked me out. The receptionist saw it too. Ever since that day, she’s been pushing him on me.

Have you ever get the feeling that you’ve met someone before but you really can’t place where you’ve met him? And you know you’d remember him because he’s so cute and hot and tall? I’ve been feeling that way ever since I first met the guy. I think we were lovers in our previous lives. I know I’d remember meeting him or if I did him already. He has this look on him, like he knows me from somewhere and wanted to talk to me about it but he never does. Playing hard to get, is what the receptionist says. Sigh.