Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Faith, Hope & Trick

I don't wanna say it. But I'm gonna. A storm's brewing offscreen. I am not quite sure what but I've got a few people talking at me lately and making me see things either I might already know but pushed aside in utter denial, or things that I failed to see because of blurred judgment.

Seeing things in a different light is not something to joke about. It would make a body question things that are, things that will be and things that had past. Feelings get in the way of logic. Trust would be questioned.

Trust. Sigh. I am truly at a crossroads. Trust is not something gained easily. Have I gained the trust? Have I given my trust? I don't really know. Who do I trust? Who do I trust more?

Nothing to be gained from the thunder that rumbled in the distance. Absolutely nothing. Well, maybe one party might gain something.

Have I prepared for the eventual storm? Not exactly, but I did rush out and bought some emergency storm survival kits. For now, I am taking comfort in the survival kits. Right now, it's CNN vs the Weather Channel. I don't know which one is reporting the actual facts and which one is propaganda. Sigh.

I wanna see if I could ride it out. The storm. Wait for it to dissipate. I am hopeful, but not too hopeful, that everything would work out in the end. I want it to work out in the end. To survive the storm. To live happily ever after.


raden putra said...

ahhh, reminds me of the 'ram muay' - 'the calm before the storm','the dance muay thai fighters do before they fight'. well, the cool thing bout hearing storms somewhere in the distance is that u'r not sure whether it'll happen or not... it might just be a rumor... but if the storm does happen, u've to enjoy the aftermath, the abundance of mushrooms everywhere, the smell of fresh air/armpits, the soft blowing wind...

savante said...

Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing. Just wait and see.

Evan Owens said...

Raden, errr, thanks?

Paul, yeah, I'm waiting to see what's gonna happen.. :)