Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Anybody watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer would know of one Riley Finn. Buffy's second boyfriend. Her first boyfriend (and true love) was Angel, the vampire with a soul. Angel left her and headed for Los Angeles after the battle with the Mayor of Sunnydale (who had turned into a huge demon snake thingy) because he wanted her to have a chance at a normal life (and also for him to headline his own television series).

After that, in Season 4, Buffy kinda sorta fell for Riley Finn, the corn-fed Iowa boy who seemed to be a nice, normal TA. He was, however, part of a covert government ops to capture and study demons.

After a tumultuous courting, complete with blood, gore, fighting, drug addiction, danger addiction and ego bruising, Riley left Buffy and went back to his military roots. Buffy never saw it coming. To her, Riley was safe. Riley could not hurt her like Angel did. To Riley, he never actually had Buffy. Mostly because Buffy tended to go for the dark and brooding. He would always second guess Buffy's attraction for him. At one point, he even refused to get treatment for the drugs in his system (unknowingly taking them via food, laced by the military) because he was afraid that Buffy would leave him once he reverts to being a Regular Joe.

Sounds familiar? OMG. When have I become a Riley? I want to be a Slayer, or a self-absorbed witch. Hell, I'll take a werewolf any day over Riley Finn, Captain Cardboard. But in this situation, I am Riley. ESS is Buffy. Sigh.

I am the one who constantly ask that question. Why is he with me when I know I am not his type? Would he still love me if I change? Would today be the day some other chubs would sweep him off his feet?

Yup, much like Riley. His fears of losing Buffy was monumental. When Dracula came to town and put the moves on Buffy, he took it hard and took it personally. So did I. When someone from the Merlion City came to town and put the moves on him. Sigh.

Anyways, I promise to be less paranoid and cut ESS (who shall forever be known as Buffy to my Riley) some slack. ESS wrote this thing and I kinda read it. If I read it right and he did write it with me in mind, then I really got to treat him right and stop being paranoid and accusing him of things that he had not done yet. Even if that was not meant for me, I'd still try to be a better boyfriend.

P/S - Happy One Month Anniversary ESS! Or should I say 1st Monthiversary! Hopefully there will be more monthiversaries to come!

PP/S - I know it's dumb to celebrate monthiversary but if you know how hard it was to get this relationship off the ground, all the drama, the heartaches and headaches that we had to go through, then you'd understand. *cough* prof karen walker *cough*

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