Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dead Things

Jealous Guy from work is talking to me. Weird much?

He is in the same unit as me. Actually, there’s only him and me in the unit. And the bitchy boss. There really is no need for jealousy.

I did not get it at first. Why would he be all jealous of me? We do different kind of work. It’s not like we’re ever competing for the same award or the same promotion.

Anyways, a good friend of mine, which is a colleague from a different department, warned me about Jealous Guy. Apparently, JG has been mouthing off to him about me. Bad things about me. Unfortunately for him and quite fortunate for me, this colleague (and most of the people working there) is a good friend of mine. At the very least, I get along with most of them.

So he told me what JG had told him. I did not know what to make of it. He’s not a fag. He’s married with a kid. But he mouths off like a fag.

Then, another colleague/friend told me that JG had been mouthing off, in front of him, to my boss. Third time’s the charm. He mouthed off again to another colleague and of course, I was informed of the incident.

I kept quiet. I concentrated on my work and made sure I covered my tracks. Now, he is in trouble with the boss and her Mini-Me. I likey. He has this habit of blaming everybody else for him slacking off and not doing work. I was one of the victims. But he can’t use me as an excuse/punching bag anymore. Boss got all the emails and knows I am doing my work. Yay! Karma’s a bitch…

But he is talking to me now. I don’t know what to make of it. I am guessing he needs to borrow money from me. Yes, he borrows money from me on a monthly basis. Which is why I am so not understanding why he is dissing me to my good friends. Anyways, this gravy train has left the station and I ain’t helping him anymore.

Ooh, he is also trying to make nice with a lot of the other colleagues. See, after they’ve seen his bad behavior, with me and with others he blamed for him coming in to a 9-6 daily shift at noon and leaving by 3 to go catch a movie or karaoke and not being able to finish his work on time… wow, that’s a loooong sentence… did not even finish it yet… where was I?

Oh, yes, other colleagues have been avoiding him like the plague. He did not care at first because he was kinda on good terms with the boss. Now that the boss has an entirely evil Mini-Me, he has been cast out and that was when the trouble started for him. But he totally had it coming.

After people see that he is not a nice guy, and that I am nicer, they did not care for him as much. As a matter of fact, some people downright hate him. Sigh. The problem is I have to work with him so I don’t really have the luxury of cold-shouldering him. Sigh. But I am slightly enjoying the fact that his life is miserable right now. What? It’s not like I ratted him out for being late! It was someone else but naturally he thought it was me. Like, whatever! I have not caused him any harm so I ain’t evil for smiling at his misfortune. Wait, maybe I am evil because I smile at his misfortune that is not caused by me. I am confused. Either way, I am enjoying seeing him squirm in front of the boss, trying to weasel his way out of problems that he himself caused.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Doublemeat Palace

So many things are going on right now. Trouble at the work with a jealously weird colleague. Work load’s been piled on, again. Health is on the fritz. Love life sucks.

Lessee, love life first. I mentioned the last time I was seeing someone? Well, it’s over now. He chose to be with someone else. It does hurt a little bit, especially when I try to turn to my friends for comfort and it just got dismissed. Apparently, people have a say in how I should be feeling. If it is less than a month, then I am not allowed to feel pain. Sigh.

There is a silver lining though. Right now, he, as in the guy I was seeing, is having major problems with the new guy. Not matured enough. Too whiney. He told me he was depressed. This was the day after they became a couple. He even told me that there was no X factor, nothing special, nothing the guy was bringing to the table. His life did not change at all with the addition of the new guy. I am not being evil or being a woman scorned. He told me all this.

He also told me that he checked the guy’s phone messages. I told him off about it but he argued his case. If he did not have done so, he would not have caught the guy cheating on him. Or will cheat on him. It’s a whole convoluted thing that I won’t get into coz that’s their lives, not mine. I asked him why he picked that one over me and he said he had no idea why. He also said that he made the wrong choice. He had two guys in his life and he chose the wrong one. Which means he think I was the right one. Unfortunately, he already made his bed and now he has to sleep with it.

Yes, yes, I was secretly smiling. Of course secretly. I know tact. I won’t flaunt it in his face. This Friday will be the day. I’ll know whether the affair’s happening or not and whether they’ll stay together or not. What if they broke up you ask? I don’t know. I don’t see me ever going to him now. I was good to and/or for him and he totally dropped me for that.

Anyways, speaking being good, I’ve been single for more than one year now. I tried dating, jumping back into the fray. Unfortunately, all I got was people who just wanted fun and people who are taken. Have anyone seen Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? Starring Janet Jackson? Good movie. It was where I got the ’80-20 rule’.

You only get 80% of what you need from your partner. The other 20% is what causes you to cheat on your partner. Unfortunately, that 20% is more attractive than the 80% hence a lot of people break up but in the end realized that they made a mistake. Like the guy I was seeing…

My point is, no one stuck by me. I’m like a pit stop. Once they’ve broken or had a flat tire, they’d stop by and after I fixed them, they dashed off. Well, there is one who has stuck by me for over a year now. Yup, #1 Crush. Now, you all know how convoluted my ‘relationship’ with him is, right? No matter what happened between us, or what happened in our lives, he is still there for me and I for him. I guess I’m kinda lucky in that sense. I may be his 20% and he may have not left his 80% for me, but we’re still there for each other and I guess, when it comes right down to the wire, that’s all that matters.