Thursday, April 19, 2007


ESS has told me yesterday that he could not swing by KL next weekend because there is a N*vy Open Day something so he has to stay in L*m*t and work. Dammit. Was so looking forward to spending time with him. He could not come this weekend also because it's too soon a notice. What's a girl to do? :(

I am going on a road trip tomorrow with Teddy to Kuala K*ngs*r. Teddy has a thing and he needed someone to go with him. Yay! Road trip! I love road trips!

And I thought since I would be in the general area of Perak, I'd get to see ESS. Two birds. One stone. However, Teddy mentioned that it's about one hour's journey to KK from L*m*t. And as pointed out by ESS, I was insane to assume that he would wanna ride a bike and risk breaking his back just to meet me there. I am not L'oreal. I am not worth it.

Oh well, guess I am not gonna get to see my man until next month then. Sigh.


Bibik Nyonya said... sad....cheer up lah! Teacher give you glitter sticker ok? ha ha ha!

savante said...

You could think of going up there one day, you know :)

raden putra said...

thelma & louis vs kalifornia!

Evan Owens said...

Bibik, thanks! Yay! Something shiny to play with! What more could a guy want?!

Paul, yeah, I could but I am not working right now so...

Raden, we both are still alive so I think that was more Romy & Michelle than Thelma & Louise/Kalifornia