Monday, August 30, 2010

The List

Found this while rummaging through the hard disk... Apparently, I've saved this list for a reason...

Target for 2005 or before I turn 27 (June 2006)
1. Travel out of the Country
2. Be in a relationship that lasts longer than 3 months
3. Save RM3000
4. Finish writing one script/book
5. Find affordable place
6. Have a nice group of friends
7. Talk to 12 strangers
8. Lose 22 kgs
9. Learn how to swim
10. Bowl a game of 210

Things to do before turning 30 (in June 2008):
1. Travel abroad (Australia, Indonesia, Europe)
2. Finish writing a book/script and/or get published
3. Own an apartment/house
4. Own a car
5. Have threesome with two white guys
6. Be invited to an orgy
7. Have 5000 bucks in savings account
8. Participate in extreme sports (bungee jump, sky-diving etc)
9. Get Lasik done on my eyes

Okay, so it's 2010 and I am 32 years old... have I accomplished any of the things I have listed to be achieved by 27 or 30? No. I have achieved some but only recently.

Well, I now have a nice group of friends. I do talk to strangers sometimes. I lost close to 22 kgs and I have bowled a game of 211.

I have traveled to Singapore. Had the threesome and the orgy, eheheh... that's all...

I should really shoot for the getting published part of the list...

Monday, August 2, 2010


Well, I am back... no longer in the relationship mentioned in the post below. But am now straddling a couple of 'relationships' but not exactly anchoring down anywhere.

Job-wise, I have been given the task of a copywriter. Unfortunately, this 'promotion' is not exactly in black and white and of course, no pay increase.

I am quite happy doing copywriting so I'll ride it out to see what's gonna happen later on...