Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Becoming Part 2

After my interview, I went to Times Square to meet up with a guy. He had traveled from Melaka to spend a few days with me. With ‘permission’ from ESS of course.

I had known this guy for a year now. He finally asked if he could come to KL to meet up with me. It’s not like I have anything or anyone better to do so I agreed to play hostess.

It had been raining pussies and bitches when I got done with my interview. I was soaking wet when I arrived in Times Square. But I was not worried. It’s not like I really need to impress Melaka Guy or anything. My heart belonged to another. Yes, Melaka Guy was told of ESS’ existence. Melaka Guy also has a husband. And a boyfriend. Yup, two of them. Now, before I continue and before people pass judgment and think that we are just two cheating scums, let me remind people that I am in an open relationship and ESS has said that he did not mind. I don’t know about Melaka Guy’s guys though. Hmmm.

While we were there, we decided to catch The Reaping. Pretty good. Hilary Swank was kinda channeling Jennifer Garner’s Sydney Bristow at times. I think the movie’s twist was the thing that saved it from slight mediocrity.

Anyways, he kept insisting, before we actually met, that this is just a social visit. A friendly visit. He just wanted to finally meet up after one year of online acquaintancing. So, guess who made the first move when we went in the cinema? No! Not me! It was him. But when I wanted to reciprocate, he pushed my hands away. Tease much?

When we got back to my place, he kept his distance. So I figured he was honoring what he said and he had a lapse of judgment in the cinema, for about 5 minutes. I think he tried his hardest to not fall for my charm and sexiness (yeah, right) but he failed. Actually, I did not even think he had a thing for me as I am not a sexy beast. Even when he kept saying how much he is into my body and stuff, I still thought he was pulling my leg. All because he said that he did not wanna fool around.

Yeah. Right. Most of what he said can be thrown out the window. Like the whole not wanting to fool around thing. And not kissing anyone who he just met. Also not bottoming for anyone else except for the husband. *wink, wink*

He’s the only guy that has seen all aspect of my life. My good friends. My work friends. My bad singing. My mediocre bowling. My liking shoot-em-up arcades. My cooking. My competitiveness when it comes to boardgames. My movies. My DOA gaming. Okay, okay, except for family and blogging. He wanted to read this blog but I did not give him the URL. He’s already been exposed to so much. Not even ESS has been exposed to all that. ESS has the blog though so I want ESS alone to have that.

One thing that kinda ticked me off was the presumptuousness of him. No, he’s not arrogant. Only a little bit. Especially when it comes to feelings. He seemed to think that I was jealous when he was speaking to my friend. Oh come on. I so was not jealous. At all. I am far prettier. I am not worried about losing him to that friend. Heheheh.

He told me that he knows that I was jealous. I so did not want to burst his bubble. I let him think that. If he were ESS, that friend would have been admitted to the emergency ward on account of multiple scratches and loss of hair and scalp.

We’re just friends, who happened to be flirty and got jiggy with it. I am not really one to fall so easily, unless it’s ESS. Hehehehe. Also, I have ESS already. Come on! Sigh.

Speaking of, ESS basically left me alone all weekend long. So as to not disturb my romantic weekend. Romantic my ass. I am off the market. This grade-A sirloin is not for sale anymore.

I was a little sad and frustrated. It seemed like ESS did not even care that I was spending that much intimate time with the guy. Who knows what could happen eh? If the shoes were on the other feet, I would have interrupted them many, many times, just to remind him that he has a loving boyfriend and that he should just get it on, instead of getting lovey dovey.

That being said, I have to confess that I like the guy. I like the fact that I could take him to hang out with my friends without the world ending. I like the fact that he is not opposed to a civil union. I also like the guy was not exactly shy when showing his affections for me in public, discreetly of course, and in front of my friends. Some of my friends actually thought that ESS and I were history and that Melaka Guy was my new boyfriend. WTF?!

I also confess that I kinda told the guy that I like him. Of course, this was after the guy told me he liked me. Do I love him? No. I love ESS. Care? I guess I do care about him a little. But do I want a ring from him? Nope. Do I foresee anything more than just friends with benefits? No. He did say he doesn’t mind that my friends thought of him as my boyfriend. I mind. My boyfriend is in L*m*t. End of story.


savante said...

I'm actually way me curious abot this Melaka guy with the husband and the boyfriend :P

raden putra said...

it's ok, it's just a week...

revisit your concerns after the 3rd week.

Evan Owens said...

Paul, when u say curious, do u mean bi-curious? Heheheh

Raden, i'll let u know after the third week...