Friday, July 11, 2008


Life’s hectic right now. Work is a bitch and I ain’t talking about my boss. Well, okay, my boss is a bitch but… well, I guess I am talking about her. Love life is confusing, as per usual and I ain’t talking about #1 Crush. Social life is kinda weird.

Well, let’s start with the working sitch. There is a departmental war in the company. I belong to one department but the other department had asked me to fill in every now and again during the weekends since I also have some experience in that area. So I agreed. Money is always good eh? No one’s gonna give me 15 bucks per hour anyway.

Unfortunately, that was when I got caught in the crossfire. My boss is unofficially punishing me for helping out the other department and has piled on work. Not to mention that she said that my work is inadequate and that my working part time on weekends is interfering.

That vengeful bitch. She’s just using me as a pawn in her war against that other department. Sigh.

I am kinda seeing someone. Yes, that same someone who’ve I blogged about before. I have a routine now. I sleep over at his place Wednesdays and Thursdays. If I am working during the weekend, then I go back home. If not, I’d stay. Not sure if you can call it serious or not. I am hung up over #1 Crush and he has his own #1 Crush to deal with. I am attempting to move on but I am not sure if he is.

Speaking of #1 Crush, we’re still friends. Twas a misunderstanding on my part. Well, I am a drama mama after all. #1 Crush and I are doing fine. Nothing more, nothing less. Period.

Socially, I am doing so well. I am feeling abandoned these days. I am sure my friends would say that I am not there for them as well since I started dating, um, haven’t named him now have I? Hmmm…

Anyways, there’s the case of my recently married friend. We used to hang out a lot together. I do get it. Once you’ve committed to someone, you’re priorities change but you gotta make time for your closest friends and I feel that this friend has not been trying hard enough to make time for the friends. Sigh.

Anyways, I was upset for all of two seconds coz I realize that the world has never revolved around me. So I had to deal with it coz that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Oooh, sure could use a cookie right about now. What??