Monday, February 5, 2007

Teacher's Pet

I dunno why I bother but I went on a date about two weeks ago. I have met him before, when he was seeing one of my friends. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), it did not work out for them.

So my date, Navy Guy, is single. We chatted online and he said he might come by KL and spend a few days. I did not really thought about it much since I was far, far busy with work. Plus, I have a wedding to go and my whole family was driving up to KL. So I thought I won’t be able to have a life that weekend.

But NG SMSed me and asked if I was free to meet him. I snatched the opportunity immediately and went to meet him. It was a good date. At least I thought so. We kept in touch. He’s having problems with the one he is seeing right now. I tried broaching the subject of me and him dating but he completely shot me down. In a nice, beating round the bush way.

I knew his type was the older, more matured guys so I was just taking a chance and put my heart on my sleeve. The gamble did not pay off. I am a little sad. But it’s not like I’ve emotionally invested in this thing right?

The one he is seeing right now is totally ignoring him and taking him for granted but yet, he is still hanging on to him. How stupid is this guy? A hot, nice, cute, tall, sexy man wants him and he pushes them away. People like me have to completely suffer just to get the attention of one of them but these people just brush them off. What is wrong with this world?

Anyways, I have had it. Too many rejections. I am simply not good enough to be with anybody. I don’t really feel bad. I guess I have accepted my place. That I am destined to forever be the good friends, the one they seek to bitch and complain about the men they are seeing. Sigh.


cain & abel said...

Being together with a person does not gurantee a happy ending too. Take it from me sista...i thought i had it all myself. So in some ways we don't really understand, perhaps we're better off like this until the right timing comes.

Evan Owens said...

C&A, I guess you're right. But I still want a boyfriend!!! Heheheh... Welcome to my new blog!

*rolls red carpet*