Thursday, February 15, 2007

Prophecy Girl

I am still here. In the office. Have not received any news yet. The suspense is killing me. Sigh.

In other news, Navy Guy and I have been planning his itinerary and we've been talking on the phone. Company phone. Heheheh. Hey, I might be fired so might as well just misuse it yeah?

Anyway, I happened to mentioned that I have not seen him for three weeks and I kinda miss him. He grew quiet. Distant. Avoidy? It was the case of perfect timing or worst timing when my boss came in so I had to end to conversation.

I SMSed him but he had yet to reply. This was during lunchtime. It's almost 4 now. Methinks it's a bad sign. Sigh. Me and my big mouth. Should have just kept quiet and let it be. But it's not like I was pressuring him or anything. Is it wrong for one friend to miss another friend? Sigh.

Maybe he's so turned off that he'd cancel the trip to KL? With my luck right now, anything's possible.

I need to do something, other than work of course, ehhehe. I can't just sit here and wait. I am so antsy right now. Speaking of, I've been piled with lotsa work and I only have a couple of hours left before my vacaysh starts. Sigh. I can't concentrate with all that's going on. Help!

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