Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I haven't even gotten to this part of the Bitching Fit. I was just adviced by my boss that what had transpired yesterday was so big that one of the big kahunas is calling her in for a meeting.

What did I do? That would be explained in the second Bitching Fit. I am a wreck right now. Apparently they are talking of getting me fired. When my boss was not around, I am not capable of doing work and that there is no actual need for me to be in the unit if this is how things are gonna be.

I am prepared for the worst. Ya know, when I said my week's been hell... I did not know the half of it. Looks like I'll be unemployed soon. This time, I won't have the money to back me up.

To kick an already fallen girl, Navy Guy just informed me that bus tickets are all sold out. Apparently, it did not cross his mind that CNY is coming so he did not buy his ticket yet. Looks like he's not gonna be able to make it.

My darkest hour is looming. I don't think I have the strength to survive this.


huggyteddy said...

What is going on??!!! this week's like bad-news-from-the-office week! I just wrote something about it last night! hmm......hang in there ok...don't lose your cool (like i once did) and ride it as best as you can....as for the navy guy.....don't let it get to you too much. and you do, you do have the strength to go through it....and you know we're here for you..

Fable Frog said...

Serious? My heart just dropped. It's unexpected. But no matter what, you will go thru it fine. I know u have that strength... We all are here for you~ But of course i really hope that the company wont make that decision they have in mind la. pray pray pray~

Evan Owens said...

Teddy, I duno wats going on! It's like one bad news after another. I'm hanging but I am also close to breaking. :(

Froggie, yup, very unexpected. I need strength but I am just a normal, mortal gurl. Sigh.

Thanks for the prayers! :)