Friday, February 9, 2007


Navy Guy and I have been keeping in touch. He was quiet for one week. I think he was too busy being in love with his man to even bother with me. Suddenly, he found himself in a pickle. His guy was ignoring him and was not returning messages or picking up calls.

He called me Sunday morning. I was out all night with my friends, bowling and stuff. Then I went about watching Dreamgirls. Just as I was about to fall asleep, he called me. I did not recognize the number. I think he was using his house phone.

He said he just came back from Ipoh with his friends and they had been out all night. He was so upset at this new turn of events. I was sympathetic but also angry. How could a sane person do this to him? He had chosen you, you effing moron. He is hot, cute, nice, romantic, loyal, hot, cute, nice body, nice ass, hot, cute and romantic. Have I mentioned that he is hot? Yes, I am in love/lust with him.

I am so pissed at this guy. Not my Navy Guy. The guy that NG is head over heels for. I so wanna slap him. It’s so easy for them to get guys that they just take for granted the really good catch? Gurls like me have to work so hard just to get a decent date!

Anyway, ever since that fateful morning conversation, he and I kinda grew closer and we’ve been in touch every day. Via phone calls and SMSes. Not that anything’s ever gonna happen between us. He made that perfectly clear. He said that I was such a good friend, he did not wanna ruin it by getting romantically involved. If things do not work out, then we might not be able to remain friends. He did not wanna lose me.

A part of me went, “Awww, that’s so sweet,” while the other part of me went “WTF?!”

Anywho, I told him about my trip to the Merlion Country and that I got him a souvenir. He said that he might go to KL for CNY coz his family would be around here at that time. I told him I just needed to pass him the souvy and that’s it. Don’t wanna take up too much of his time. He’d want to spend it with his lover. Note venomous tone there.

Then he confessed. He’d be spending the first few days of CNY break over there coz the lover wanted to visit him there. After the break is over, he’d go see his family. There goes my chances of meeting him. Dammit.

Two days ago, he said that he had some bad news. I hate it when the conversation starts with that. But it turned out to be bad news for him. His lover broke it off with him, after he had tried to contact him several times unsuccessfully. Suddenly, NG’s plans all changed. He is coming to KL to meet me and spend time with me. And of course to get his souvy. I was quite happy. It only lasted for a minute.

After we ended the conversation, I felt weird. The bad kind. It seemed that I am about to be the rebound girl, ain’t I? His plans did not even include me, but now that he has been dumped, he finally realizes that I had been there for him this whole time and wanted to be with me. Second choice? Again? And again? And again? Sigh. What do I do? Meet him still? Or go back to see my family during the holidays? So confused…

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