Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Hi guys. Thanks for all the wishies and the concern. I am still employed at the moment. Facing the firing squad tomorrow. But things are not looking good here. Got everything going against me, including my own people. Sigh.

I am prepared, mentally anyways. Everything happens for a reason right?

Anyways, Navy Guy has confirmed with me that he is coming to KL and spending time with me!!! He got a friend to give him a ride and he'd arrive around dinner time. Yay!!! This made my day! My silver lining!! My light at the end of the tunnel! Ooh, just hope that this light at the end of the tunnel doesn't turn out to be a big honking train...

EDIT - Just as I hit the Publish button, Navy Guy SMSed me. He said things which are personal lar, eheheh, but at the very end of the message, he actual wrote "See you later buddy!" Does he still think of me as his good friend? Does this mean that I've no chances of having him as a bf? *sobs*

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Raden Putra said...

sebab suasana gelap, nampak lah cahaya. maybe cahaya itiew dah ada, cuma u ols kena tgk bebetul aja. tapi camana nak suruh cahaya itiew hala kat kiter yer?

hmm, rasa2 u ols kena diri depan cahaya, jgn jadi cermin pantulkan kat objek lain gitu. u ols kena jadi mcm blackhole, menyedut sekuat2nya segala cahaya, barula cahaya takleh lari.

so.. u ols kena evolve. takleh jadi bulan, kena jadi tahap2 mentari. ala2 dark phoenix gitu.

tapi... disebalik itiew, adakah maknanya kalu suasana tak gelap u ols tak nampak cahaya itiew? tak nampak kechantekan sekeliling kerana terpesona dgn cahaya sendiri? atau kalau bukan terpesona pun maybe u ols terkesima dan teruja dgn byk sgt cahaya di sekeliling (of coz la kanz?!)

tak salah jadi bulan, walaupun cuma pantulan cahaya aja...

(do i sound stupid speaking malay?)