Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Never Kill A Boy On A First Date

The new season of American Idol has officially started. I love American Idol! I was actually in the US when Kelly Clarkson was crowned as the first Idol.

I dunno why but I’ve never really gotten interested in the reality shows in Malaysia. I did try to follow Malaysian Idol but Jaclyn Victor? Lame. Okay, okay, maybe she’s not that lame, what with her Surround Sound Voice and all. However, I do need to point out that she’s utterly unable to do the SSV thingy (ya know, where she would hold the microphone over her head or five meters off the side of her face) ever since she clinched the title. If you don’t believe me, watch her in Juara Lagu where she was singing Gemilang. She jazzed it up a bit and she could not perform it as she did on MI.

Don’t even get me started on Daniel. He’s cute lar but cute is not enough to be an Idol. Okay, maybe he got a competent singing voice but still. Competent should not be enough.

I really don’t like Akademi Fantasia. One friend said the reason why I did not like AF is because AF is catered to the typical Malay. Sexcuse me? Am I not Malay enough? He said I was not and that I am more contemporary and Americanized. Wuteva. But seriously, look at all the winners. Vince? Okay only lor. Zahid? Can’t really sing an original composition, except lately. Mawi? Sawi? Color me bored. Faizal? Who?

One in a Million. Now that is a concept. But why is Dayang Nurfaizah in it? I know, I know, it was all sexplained already but she’s an award-winning, accomplished veteran with several albums under her belt. Hardly seems fair. What would it do for Dayang’s career? A win would not really help. She’s already a big enough name. Losing would be bad for her, in my opinion. In the end, she did lose.

Anyways, getting back to American Idol. Each season would produce at least one superstar. Kelly Clarkson has gone on to win awards. Jennifer Hudson just got a Golden Globe. Carrie Underwood is carving a niche in the country market. I think Katharine McPhee would be the breakout star from last season, even though she lost the Idol crown to that spastic Taylor Hicks.

This season so far has been weak. The initial auditions have not really shown us any potential winners. Although there were a few good ones, mostly from the girls. There were also a few good looking boys that made me drool. There was one boy, Jerry or something. 16 years old but smokin’ hot. Good voice too. Paula was squirming in her seat like she had inserted a vibrator in her pussycat doll. You could always tell when Paula Jr. is speaking when Paula acts all modest and coy and blushing.

People never give her credit. She’s really a good actress. She could act normal, okay slightly normal, even when she’s stoned out of her mind. And she could still let Paula Jr. do the talking in that condition too. I have new level of respect for Paula’s professionalism.


Cybertron said...

hmmm... no boy was killed. how come? all gals except for a guy called daniel. so where's the boy? u ah? wakaka...

cain & abel said...

Hi evan, its me :) Soory i had to priivatize my blog for some reasons. Send me your e mail add to cikgudrama@gmail.com and i shall send you an invitation. Sorry for the inconvenience but thanks for your support!

Evan Owens said...

Cibetron, the AF people are all guys... :P

C&A, that's okay. Understandable. :)

huggyteddy said...

I actually share a similar opinion in regards to AF and Daniel of MI. Just not my thing.