Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Puppet Show

I am having the worst couple of weeks ever. Well, okay, maybe not ‘ever’ but this has got to be in the top 3 for sure. After coming back from Merlion Country, everything was fine and dandy. Navy Guy and I were constantly communicating. I got some SGD left over from the trip (yay! Pocket money until salary time!). I got me 10 new perfumes to choose from (yup, went on a shopping spree and bought perfumes).

But then, I had to go back to work and things started going sour from there on out. There was a conference thingy that we had to help out and it was way out there in Putrajaya. However, it is not too far from the office so it’s not too bad. We got to stay there for one night. Suddenly, I am a high-flying jetsetter who goes around the world for my job. Me likey.

Now, for the glass half empty. The conference thingy was organized by a sub and not by my company. We were only meant to come in as backup support. However, we found that we had to work through the night while the team from the sub company actually went home! WTF?!

Also, I was suddenly appointed to be the repertoire. Um, I think that’s how it’s spelt. Ya know, the one who takes note of the seminar and do up the summaries. It is a very technical seminar. I do not have the skills and/or knowledge to summarize the seminar. Now, if the seminar was about f*gs, g*y sex, shopping, movies, entertainment or cooking, then maybe I would be a shoo-in.

I protested and asked to be relieved of the position. Nobody wanted to listen to my argument. I wanted to kill someone. Thank God the boss of the sub company is very cute and very nice. If not, I’d walked off already. Hehhehehe. *blushes*

Then I found out that they only booked us one room. Which is fine because there’s only two guys in my department. Yeah, right. Suddenly, I got news that there would be three more guys bunking with us. Son of a… OMG. At first I tried looking at it positively. One guy was positively hot. Hehehehehe. The others were, um, how do I put it nicely… not. One guy was quite the jackass. Just because he is more senior than the rest of us, that doesn’t mean he gets to have the single bed while the rest of us had to share beds or sleep on the floor.

Don’t even get me started on the smoking in a non-smoking room. It is alright, apparently, to smoke when there is two smokers and two non-smokers. The senior guy insisted that he should be able to smoke. By then, I was totally in bitchy mode so I just told them, “Crack open a window, I don’t want to choke on smoke to death!”

To be continued...

P/S – Sorry folks, had to interrupt the Karma article for this breaking bitchy fit.

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Musang said...

uh uh... bitch fit! me likey, me likey... **taking notes.

**do you know who read me blog?!!! (pengsan)