Monday, March 12, 2007

Reptile Boy

I was Meme’d by Cikgu Drama 25 years ago but had not had the chance to do it. Apparently I am supposed to divulge 6 most embarrassing or most weird facts about me. Um, lessee…

#1 – I am a perfumaholic. I think I was turned by one of previous scandals. He had a nice collection of perfumes in his room. They looked nice and of course smell great. So I started a little mini collection of my own. Then Karen, my evil yet close friend, also revealed that he too is a perfumaholic and always frequent those warehouse perfume sales. Now I have close to 20 perfumes and I am only using 3 at most. Even Navy Guy is a mini perfumaholic and had snatched three of my perfumes.

#2 – I am a dragon. Not literally. But I have been called a dragon. Hey! Not down there lar. I wish. I drink. A lot. Not alcoholic stuff though. Just water and flavored drinks. I could stand to forgo food but not drinks. I need liquid down my throat at all times. Um, that sounded a little wrong… anyways, during the fasting month, the thing that was killing me was the not being able to drink. Restaurants with bottomless beverages or free refills hate me.

#3 – I have never tasted alcohol. Never had a drink. By personal choice. Not because of religion.

#4 – I have written a movie script. This is neither embarrassing nor weird. But I dunno what else to put. Heheheh.

#5 – I look like a kid, even though I am close to the big 3-0 already. My younger brother looks my age and I look his age. He hates it. I used to love it but now it’s going against me, especially in my search for a boyfriend.

#6 – I’ve never really had a boyfriend before. True, I’ve dated guys before but none can really truly be considered a boyfriend.

There you go. 6 facts about me. Does this mean that you guys know me a little better? Or did the 6 factoids add to the mystique that is me?


JoeRy said...

wahh ... interesting-nyer.

now start writing 6 interesting saucey fact about yaself.

it's going to be a hit ...


Bibik Nyonya said...

hmm....took you long enough! i thought mesti minah ni tak nak buat homework dah...

-the new cikgu drama-

Evan Owens said...

Joery, welcome! I guess newer readers won't really know saucy facts about me. I'll get cracking on that, but won't promise anything. :)

Cikgu, sorry it took me awhile. Personal drama in the form of Navy Guy and problems at work. Sigh.