Monday, March 26, 2007

The Dark Age

Other than one minor detail that is pissing me off to no end, the weekend was great! Despite the fact that I am jobless. Obviously. Anyways, the Emotional Support Spouse (new name for Navy Guy, fitting ain't it?) was in town since Friday night.

We met in Times Square and had dinner at Johnny's Steamboat, which was our first date restaurant. Okay, maybe not the actual first date. Our actual first date was... man, it's complicated. Anyways, I'm making an executive decision and call Johnny's as our first dinner/date. So it was fitting that we went to Johnny's for our first time out as a betrothed couple.

Then we saw Chermin, featuring Deanna Yusuf in her first role in like 10 years or so. It was kinda okay, not really as scary as the other horror movies. Maybe coz the scare factor in the movie is gorgeous Deanna. So not the scary. But quite a good movie. Hmm, methinks it's a trend now for us. Always watching horror movies. Malay horror movies. Am not complaining. Now I got me a buddy to watch em with! Yay!

Any event, we went for a karaoke session in Imbi the next day, where he forced me to sing in high Ning Baizura notes (which attributed to my sore throat and raspy voice today). We also went clubbing Saturday Night at Nuskool in Melia Hotel. These also seem to be the trend with us.

Okay, now for the nitty gritty. The first night we spent as a betrothed couple. Get your minds out of the gutter, people! Remember, open relationship with no sex here. I found out quite a few things about ESS:

1. He kicks in his sleep. My feet. The foot of the bed. Teddy's DVDs. Oops, sorry Teddy. They're still good. Swear to God.

2. He crosses his legs in his sleep. Like me. I have been told by people that I do that in my sleep and ESS does that too.

3. He is a cuddly sleeper. He likes to cuddle. I was pleasantly surprised. He fell asleep before I did. He was snoring away like there was no tomorrow. I moved closer to him and rested one shoulder onto his shoulder. For a while. When I moved away to be on my side, he jumped across the gap between us and landed half his body on top of mine. He did that the whole night! Swear to God! As soon as I try to adjust my body to the weight on top of me (so that blood could circulate), he gave room a bit for me. When I started to shift my position, a foot would come flying to me. Or his arm. Or his butt. Yup, you read right. A few times he smacked me with his butt. Speaking of which, something naughty happened during this time also. I was quite shocked. Quite taken back. Quite turned on. It was so unexpected. So nice. So weird. Coz ESS was sleeping soundly. I think he was dreaming of that cute daddy at the bowling alley in Times Square. Heck, I am not complaining. Hehehhe. (p/s - if ESS asks any of you, tell him I said nothing about this and hopefully he won't understand what I've written coz he warned me not to tell anyone. I am not telling yeah? Just hinting but I know most of you can guess what happened. Yum-my)

4. He is hot. Am not saying this just coz he might be reading or to appease him. It's a fact. A lot of people told me that he is very good looking. Um, this next statement might sound a little shallow... I bagged me a pretty one! Yay! Does this mean I am pretty too? Hmm, I don't think so. Oh, crap. Now I wonder why he is with me. Such ugliness as opposed to his prettiness. Everyone, from girls to guys to fags to slims to chubs, they all lusted after him. Makan hati mak tau! Huhuhu. Guess that's the price you pay when you marry someone a hell lot hotter than you. Sigh. I don't wanna flaunt the relationship and the matching rings that we're wearing (yup, I got us some bling. Okay, cheap bling. Okay, so not the bling. Temporary rings. Not silver with a rock embedded in it. I am unemployed! Cut me some slack), but people are just flirting with him left and right. I had half a mind to leave the club and just go home but I stuck it out in the end. Sigh.

5. He is quite adventurous when it comes to food, unlike some Malays I know. He can eat at all my favorite restaurants and likes whatever I put into his mouth. Food. Beverage. Not that thing... oh forget it...

6. He loves me. Or at least I think he does. I hope he does. People were throwing themselves at him but in the end, he comes back to me. Of course, when he's back at work in L*m*t, I would never know what or who he does. But then again, I also have my fair share of sexcapades here in KL yeah? Hehhehe.


Fable Frog said...

hwuat?? what u guys did while half way sleeping? hmmm... oh gosh~~ air liur nye meleleh ke? ewww

Evan Owens said...

Froggie, he was sleeping. I was half asleep. Um, air liur is sexy meh? Ewww. Guess I'll just leave that to the imagination then... :P

hellgayboy said...

wow...ouccchhh!!!dasatnya bf u olsss!! ahakss!!

savante said...

Ooh. Totally no sex meh? Not even a nipple rub or something?

Musang said...

awwww.... you are a housewife and building up the habit to watch ur love one sleeping.

cute gila.


Evan Owens said...

Hellgayboy, welcum! Memang dasat tau! Kaki mak tak abis sakit lagi uolzz!!!

Paul, well, there was something but I've been sworn to not say anything. But there was a little something. :)

Musang, I so was not building a habit of watching him sleep. I am not a stalker! I could not sleep coz he was kicking away throughout the night! :P