Saturday, January 31, 2009


I have an annoying friend. Well, not really a friend. More like an acquaintance. I don't really know him that well and he doesn't know me that well either but he seems to think that we're good friends. *shrugs*

We got to know each other because of circumstances. I don't think we'd even talk, if we met in other situations. But since the both of us are thrust into the situation, I kinda have to acknowledge his existence.

He's one of those attention-seeking people that would wilt and die if the spotlight isn't on him. When he arrives, he'd make a lot of noise so that you'd know he's coming.

If we are talking about something, he'd manage to eavesdrop and then relate the story to his experience. Anything, you name it, it's happened to him.

And he always hogs our free time telling us all about his marital problems. There seems to be new problem showing up at least once every couple of days. Unfortunately, he never wanted to listen to us. Our problems are not significant enough. I think he doesn't care at all about us. We're just there as a platform for him to complain and bitch about his life and partner. Sigh.

Annoying as hell. Other than telling him straight up that he's effing annoying, what else is there to do? I am going the same route that a lot of colleagues are taking. Pretend he's not there... I mean, do not engage unless he starts to speak to you first...


raden putra said...

well, i guess so...

he'd probably end up jumping from one person to another just to tell his story...

Musang said...

ignoring him should work.

if it doesn't, kau celah je everytime he talks.

"i know!! the same thing also happened... bla bla bla..."


"exactly!!! but what really happened the other day was... bla bla bla..."

that should do.

mesti dia bengang.


i'm so clever!!