Thursday, January 8, 2009

Same Time, Same Place

I'm taking on a lot more responsibility at work now. Not that I really want to. My team has been cut down to, well, just me now, so I have to step up so that backlogs won't exist.

I hope I get a raise for this. Or some sort of allowance. Hey, a guy can dream.

Speaking of dreams, a lot of people have been commenting that I have lost weight. I don't think so coz I am still as fat as ever. But I've been able to fit into pants that would never fit before and photos of me do indicate that I am slightly leaner than before.

Hmm... maybe I should work out so that I turn into this stocky guy...


Sankai said...

new year... new look. tak gituws ?


IcedGrande5PumpCaramelCoffee said...

Good for You! Good for You!!!