Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I have a problem. By the way, the titles of my posts come from a tv show. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It's chronological. More often that not, most of the titles actually correspond to the theme of the post. Swear to God I did not look at the title and decide what to write. I decide what to write and then look at the title. Does this mean my life is like a TV show? Hmmm...

Anyway, the problem. I can't stand it when people don't talk to me or are upset with me. Yes, yes, I am so Monica. There's this colleague at work who's not speaking to me. Well, I only find out today because I only saw her today.

Ordinarily, she'd shout out my name or the nickname she calls me whenever I came into view. But today, she completely ignored me.

It all started when she asked for my help with her spankin new Ipod. I was working the weekend shift so she came in to the office and brought CDs and stuff. She even wanted me to download songs from the Internet to upload into her Ipod. I did not have all day. Plus my shift was not over.

But she insisted I help her there and then. She did not care that I was still on the clock. Grrr! When my shift was truly over, I went to help her. She did not know squat about Ipods. So I had to teach her over and over and over again. She still couldn't get it though. Patience, wearing thin.

I was supposed to go to Times Square for bowling and my colleague wanted to leave for Times Square soon. I wanted to hitch a ride with her but the other Ipod-challenged colleague wanted to download off of the Internet. That takes time. So I told her hasta la vista but not before telling her again about how to upload songs into the damn Ipod.

Then I was off but I heard her mumbling about me abandoning her. I so did not care coz I did not wanna be stuck for hours waiting for Internet downloads.

I felt bad but I remembered how she always tried to get me to do her work for her. Her actual paid work so I stuck to my guns and left.

Saw her today in the office and no peep came out of her. And that made me squirm. I also can't really say no to people... yes, it's a big problem... have to find a way to get over this...


Calvin said...

You don't have to feel bad about it. Tell her that the company doesn't hire you to help do her personal stuff. Second, you have already done your best and you have your own life after work too.

If she is that sensitive, so be it. Better still, you're free from anymore request from her. One more thing, why do you need to do her job in the office? What's the company paying her for?

Sankai said...

I have to agree wt Calvin.

anyways, you r sooooo Jim Carrey in "Yes Man", and you got yourself something exciting to do whenever you say yes. ehheeh

opss.. cant say much anymore, nanti you'll twist it back at me.. i too have trouble saying no sometimes. :)

don't fret. That's just how people are (ur colleague i mean).

cheers bro

The Wan And Only said...
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Evan Owens said...

Calvin, I never do her work for her but that doesn't stop her from asking... very loudly... hopefully, she'll stop for good..

Sankai, what makes you say that I'd twist it back to you?? I'm nice!

Stephen Chapman... said...

Some people are simply selfish - and may well never realise it. I would have told some home truths I think!