Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Something Blue

Lunch time is quite the big deal around here, especially since we have to wait until 1.30 before we get to eat. There are plenty of choices around here but after a while, they would all taste the same anyway.

I’ve even made some lunch for myself, just to shake things up. So far, I’ve managed to cook up some pasta with tomato-based sauce and chicken soup with potatoes and white rice. I am trying to expand my repertoire pretty soon.

But there is one restaurant that seems to be the receptionist’s favorite. I don’t really mind going there. The food is not bad but sometimes it takes 45 minutes for a simple kuey tiaw soup to arrive. The waiters made it nicer to be there though. One cute guy looked exactly like one cute Malay actor but he’s hardly around anymore.

The crème de la crème has got to be the cashier. I think he’s new. Not so sure. Have not seen him before until a couple of months ago. Very cute, very adorale. I mean, adorable. I just wanna bite his cheeks. The ones on his face. When I say face, I mean his face. And when I say face, I don’t mean his ass. He sits behind the cashier counter all day long! How could I get a glimpse of his ass??

Anyways, we had been flimiling (flirting and smiling) with each other for a while now but I have no idea what to call him. So one day, I got the receptionist to ask for his name and he replied. I thought he was kidding. His name is the same as the Malay singer that won AF and is now called SMS King. I did not believe and asked for ID. He showed it to me but I did not really get a good look.

The receptionist was shocked that the boy was willingly showing me his ID. I mean, come on dude, it’s not like he dropped trou and whipped it out for me to see. It’s just ID. So after that, we would just have this fleeting mini flimiling moments at the cash register where I’d take the chance to touch his hand when I take change and he would always smile at that.

Today, after a long absence, we went back to that restaurant. He was there, as per usual, being all cute and dark. Oh, did I mention that he has the nicest, deepest, most romantic eyes? Sigh. Hang on. Drool’s all over the keyboard. *wipes*

When we went to pay, the receptionist talked to him. I did not really get the gist of what they were talking about but suddenly he exclaimed that he thinks I am handsome. Out of the blue. Of course I blushed crimson. *gurly shriek!*

The receptionist gave me a disbelieving look. The cute guy just stood there smiling. I paid up and flashed him my most dazzling smile and then left. The receptionist pestered me, kept asking me what was going on, whether cute cashier guy has turned to the fag side. I can’t really say now can I? She insisted that he is a fag coz he proclaimed loudly that I was handsome. No one’s ever called me handsome. *swoons*

Update: The receptionist went downstairs at 5 to buy some bread for dinner and she stopped by the restaurant and actually told him that I said hi. He blushed crimson! According to her that is. But I did make her swear that she was telling the truth or her boyfriend’s penis would remain flaccid for eternity. She swore. Guess it’s true. Yay!

Update #2: We went for lunch at the restaurant today and yes, the cute guy smiled at me enthusiastically. This time, the receptionist asked for his number and said that I was asking for his number. He asked why at first but then he gave it to her to give me.


Fable Frog said...

wah~~ so the romantic one~ like indon romance movies~~

savante said...

Ooh. Tell us more!

Evan Owens said...

Froggie, romantic ah? I was a little embarassed at that asking for phone number bit...

Paul, I'll update if there's any changes... :)

Queer Ranter said...

Fags and fags, we have CONTACT!

Evan Owens said...

Welcome Queer Ranter! Enjoy your stay :)