Saturday, August 18, 2007


My friends think I am engaged in a war of words with this one new guy that’s been hanging out with us a lot. Apparently, according to them, we would kiss and make up soon.

I don’t know how this all started. I was pretty much minding my own business and not really getting in his face. As far ranking go, I am very low in the group’s dynamics. Pretty much like the last group I was with but at least this time I don’t have to pay a monthly subscription and we’re all really are friends because we want to be friends, not just friends through association. Oooh, I am so getting into trouble for saying that… but it’s the truth…

Anyways, yeah, I am just a lowly guy who no one ever notices. Seriously. Walking with Prof Karen Walker and Onemus is like self confidence suicide. What am I talking about? It is confidence suicide. Both are pretty, nice, intelligent creatures that would charm the pants off of anyone. Then there’s the other one, the more senior guy amongst us. He is constantly surrounded by them cute boys. Another confidence killer.

Actually, I find hanging with these guys is just nice. Everybody’s fawning over them and forgetting about lil ol’ me, which is good coz I am kinda shy.

Anywho, so this newbie would not, should not even notice me. Unfortunately, not only has he noticed me, he has also started this war of words with me. Not really in person but via the daily communiqué that the lot of us engage in. In one particular email, he said something very hurtful. If coming from the others, then it might not have stung as much coz I know them and they know me and we always jest about such things. But this guy? Barely know him and yet he’s already in the game, saying mean things to me.

The Prof seems to think that I project a happy-go-fucky, I mean, lucky attitude and the new guy must’ve thought that I could take it. Hey, I’ve taken it like a man! I’ve taken it from my mom! From the Prof! From Onemus! And of course from some guys, ehhehehe.

In person, he turns slightly meek and not really into warring. I noticed him staring at me once in a great while during bowling but that only meant that he was trying to see how I throw and would attempt to copy.

And he said the weirdest things to me. One time, he asked me if I had a PSP on me, and if I do have one, he’d be my boyfriend right there and then. Another time, he asked loudly, and in front of everyone, the reason why I am still car-less and still renting and not owning my own place. Then he’d try to engage me in a knowledge duel about medieval weaponry. Just coz I said I liked medieval weaponry.

Then there’s one time, he told me to knock off the American accent. He also asked me if I was blonde. I think Stevie Wonder would have known that I have natural black hair and I did not attempt to gain artificial intelligence by dyeing my blonde hair black.

Why is it that he is doing all of this? Trying to knock me down, in front of everybody. The Prof also seems to think that the newbie is kinda into me and I am into him. Um, not with that kind of attitude, that’s for sure. Methinks he is too hung up on security and too materialistic and he is not ashamed in showing that off.

There was this one email he sent out about his ‘The One’ and Onemus mentioned that he was describing me and he responded by saying “I think he is the farthest from being my ‘The One’. Okay, so that was not verbatim, but that was the gist. So I guess the Prof is not exactly correct in his presumption. Sigh.

I know he’s not going to go away anytime soon. So I just have to grin and bear it and hoped that he’ll get bored taunting me. Or I could just escalate the war and fight back. See how he likes it when this gurl starts slinging barbs. Oh wait, I’ve already begun. Hehehehe.

The pen is mightier than the sword people say. Wait, the penis mightier than the sword? Really? :P


savante said...

Tell the fella off and let him know you won't stand for any of his nonsense. Good thing is he thinks you obviously look confident enough to take a few blows.

And about the hierarchy in the group, relax. You'll come into your own soon enough.

raden putra said...

wut the hell the prof knows anyway? who the hell does he think he is?

what if there's more to that...?

what if u'r being used as a pawn to divert some attention away from him or other ppl? * tum tum too tooo tum tum (MI theme playing in the background)

Evan Owens said...

Paul, no worries, I actually prefer it this way... :)

Raden, like who?