Friday, June 29, 2007

The Prom

Last night, I went and caught Transformers on IMAX at Times Square with several of my friends, including Teddy. We were all so sexcited. Okay, Teddy and I were so sexcited, mostly because we both are Transformers fans. Teddy even gasped loudly when the producing studios insignias started showing.

One word. Awesome. That was what Transformers was. Simply awesome. Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay really delivered on their promise. This movie is by far the best movie out this summer.

I am a child of the 80’s and Transformers is a staple of my TV diet, along with Thundercats (Mr. Spielberg, this would make a cool movie or trilogy…), Silverhawks, GI Joe, Visionaries etc. I am a big fan of Transformers. When I first heard it was being made, I thought to myself that it could be kinda bad. But when I heard Spielberg and Bay’s name attached to the movie, I got all sexcited.

The movie satisfied the die-hard fans but did not alienate other moviegoers. Shia Labeouf is definitely all grown up now, a far cry from his Even Stevens days. He has a lot of movies coming out this summer like Surf’s Up and Disturbia. Josh Duhamel was kinda hot too. Did anybody see his naked picture? *drools*

I loved the movie. But of course, nothing is perfect. Some things were bothering me and it was not the people talking in the cinema. Actually, there wasn’t much talking at all. The movie was that engaging.

I’m talking about that robotic sound they make when they transform. It was totally missing from the movie. Okay, the sound came out once. When a Decepticon was transforming but that was it. I want that sound. Also, Starscream suddenly turned manly and butch. WTF? He is so gay and whiny and I think he’s kinda lesbianic too.

The robots looked damn ugly and robotic, especially the Decepticons, but I guess that’s a good thing. However, I had a little trouble distinguishing which one is which during the battle scenes. Speaking of battle scenes, what is up with the blurry fight scene? It was like watching a jumble of colors and then a robot got thrown down. That is so not right. How come Hollywood really cannot capture a fight scene quite as nicely as the Chinese? Watch all those Kung Fu movies. The fight scenes were fast and furious but we could still see the movements. Also, the movie is called Transformers. But the focus was not on them, but mostly on the humans.

I am not complaining. Much. The movie still rocked! People actually applauded once it was over. We’re watching it again on Saturday. Teddy’s idea. I guess this time we could really watch the details. And complain again how they did not really stick to the originals. Hehehehe.


savante said...

WHy the Prom?!

But you're right Starscream was so gay!

Evan Owens said...

All the titles of my posts are actually titles of episodes of my fave TV show. Can anyone take a guess?

I'm glad someone else agrees with me, hehehe

Sam said...

Oooh, Josh Duhamel's in Transformers!?

I am so watching tomorrow. =P

Bibik Nyonya said...

Wow...this Transformers really something huh....i have yet to read a bad review from someone. I ought to catch the movie real soon too. Ha ha ha!

Evan Owens said...

Sam, Josh's tight bod is indeed in the movie...

Vivik, I've seen it twice and twice got applause one...

Fable Frog said...

isn't the applause things too "over"?? not like Spielberg will know about that~ Hmmmm but i have yet to watch it~ NO TIME!!! argh!!!!