Wednesday, June 27, 2007


It's no secret that I have been actively dating ever since I became single again. No sitting at home licking wounds for this girl. Some people think that the failed relationship did not mean anything to me and that I was not really in love because I showed no sorrow or mourning of any kind.

I did mourn. I shed tears. I pick myself up and I move on. No use crying over spilled milk, especially since I don't drink milk. My throat can't handle the natural flavor of milk.

Like I've mentioned before, some of the guys that I've dated are too quick to give it up to me. Err, I mean their hearts. Too quick to fall for me. Others are too immature for my liking. Too clingy. Too childish. Too freaky. Too weird. Sigh.

Here is the latest guy I could lump into that group. He is 22, lives with his parents in Kedah and also works for them. He is the type who needs an SMS to be answered right away, if not he would think either you’re angry with him or he’d done something wrong. Constantly wants MMSes of you face and body. Argh.

He is coming to KL this week, to send mommy to KLIA. Wants to stay over for a few days. Unfortunately, he wants to stay during the week and I am working. He said he did not mind staying at home while I go off to work. Um, I don’t think so. I told him he could go explore KL and then meet back up for dinner. He pouted, saying that he might not stay in KL then, going straight home.

I don’t care. I am not going to let a perfect stranger stay at my place while I am not there. God knows what could happen. I could come home to an empty flat. No way man. He said that I am evil for thinking that he is not trustworthy. I told him that he would not really understand unless he has lived in KL and has seen his fair share of crimes and whatnot. My iPod was stolen from my room, even when I was there, for crying out loud! I might as well just not lock my place every time I go off to work.

He got upset and stop SMSing me. Good riddance. File under ‘Thank God!’


Sam said...

I hear the nring nring nring of the Psycho Shower theme song. :P

Bibik Nyonya said...

hmm...i've got my fair share of freakshows myself. Ha ha ha!

Evan Owens said...

Sam, thank God I dun have a shower and tub thingy... :P

Vivik, you have? No! Get out! Heheheh...