Tuesday, June 19, 2007


My weekend in hometown with the family was not too bad. Mostly because I was kinda busy with the kids and my mother was kinda busy with some catering thingy and also preparing for the nephew’s party. I got my nephew the Omnitrix, the thingymagic from Ben 10. He loved it.

Meanwhile, I took the kids to the mall and we caught Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer. It was not bad and not disappointing like Shrek 3 or Waris Jari Hantu. If there is a third movie, I’ll be looking forward to it. Then I took them to the arcade to play some racing games while I shoot up some baddies.

After that, I went to Secret Recipe and bought a Chocolate Banana cake with a Batman motif on top for a birthday cake. Damn expensive too. The motif was like more than 10 bucks. But I am a good aunt so I just bought it. Okay, okay, I swiped it. Heheheh.
My parents have invited the whole neighborhood to the shindig. We barbecued fish, chicken, beef and lamb and my mom made fried rice and there was also some fruit salad. This was a last minute decision on their part to make the big party, mostly because of the return of the prodigal son, which is me, and the return of my brother after a month and a half vacationing in the Philippines.

It was quite grand. A lot of people showed up. Of course, I only know of them. It was not my party. I gotta say that my brother’s friends are cute. Some are downright hot. Damn. Anyways, the actual birthday was Sunday but I was leaving Sunday so they made it Saturday. By the stroke of midnight, we brought out the expensive cake for the nephew to cut. Unfortunately, the birthday boy fell asleep already so we had to wait until the morning.

I stayed up, as per usual, and played some DotA with my brother and his friends and then we played Uno and Gin Rummy. Apparently, some people thought I cannot play Gin Rummy and underestimated me. Especially since I lost most of the warm-up rounds and I had the most cards at the end of the first official round. That was the only time I played shuffler. I never had to do it throughout the game. And I emerged the eventual winner. My brother’s hot friend, who was the original one to think I could not play, conceded and praised me for being such a good player. I could have licked him there and then but there were people around so I reined in my libido and smiled.
The next afternoon, I was packing and my nephew said he wanted to come with me to KL. I told him that he needed to go to school and stuff so he could not but he could visit me on the weekends or something. After we cut the cake and took pictures, my father sent me to the bus station. The nephew was crying and did not want to shake my hand. What can I do? I work in KL. Breaks my heart though. Sigh.


Bibik Nyonya said...

Oooh...i wish i have an aunt like you...the i dapat secret recipi everyday....hah aha!!

Brian Chang said...

WE are not supposed to be a kids' people... just phobic against little toddlers with nuisance screams that pierced thru our eardrums!

Sam said...

I didn't know Secret Recipe did cakes with decorations on the top! :O

savante said...

Awww... that's so sweet :)