Monday, June 25, 2007


I was so lonely on the eve of my birthday. It was a Friday night and I knew Teddy had his badminton game and Prof Karen Walker was in prison, err I mean, he was outstationed somewhere. Lucky for me a friend came by and accompanied me until the clock struck midnight.
Yup, I am now officially 29 years old. No need to lie. Mostly because I look young. Which is something I’ve come to not like. I used to love it when people thought I was just a kid. My colleagues were shocked when I let them know that I was one year shy from the big 3-0. They actually thought I was in my early 20s. No wonder The Ex dumped me. He preferred his boyfriend to be old and wrinkly. Okay, maybe not wrinkly per se but definitely old and matured.
I had planned a birthday dinner at my newly redecorated place at the last minute. I actually just wanted to spend time with someone special on my birthday and on Sunday, go to brunch at Shangri-la Hotel with my closest friends. However, this one guy I invited to spend time with me wanted to join in on the brunch thingy and expected me to pay for it. Um, I don’t think so. Bloody sexpensive those brunches I tell you.

So I decided to hold the dinner thingy instead (but still go to brunch with my closest friends) because it would be cheaper and I get to invite more people too. However, I did not plan on me getting sick and not being able to cook. Lucky for me I had already ordered some food so I just make a few easy side dishes.

Last year, when I was a high society gurl, I had to invite a lot of people. This year, I am more low-profile so it was just a small intimate gathering. Good thing too. My flat is small. I invited 15. 8 showed up. Just nice. And no, I did not invite The Ex. He’s in Lumut and I know for a fact that he won’t come to KL just for my birthday. I had asked him whether he’d fancy going to Genting with me last month (a couple of weeks after we broke up) and he told me he doesn’t fancy coming to KL to see me and he just wants to do the Lone Ranger gig for a while. *shrugs*

Madam Cloud, my new BFF (that’s Best Friends Forever for those not in the know), came early to help me set up everything. Thank Goddess for him. If not I’d pass out already. Side story – Madam Cloud and I went to watch Sumolah with a group of other bloggers and one girl asked Madam Cloud whether he and I were BFFs. Madam Cloud blanched and almost fainted. How did the girl know about our flames of faggotry? I noticed Madam Cloud went stiff so I tapped him on the shoulder and whispered that BFF is actually Best Friends Forever, not Boyfriends Forever. Funny moment. Hehehehe.

Anyways, when we were shopping and preparing and stuff, we did not get a chance to get cake, mostly because the cake at the local supermarket was expensive and did not look enticing enough.

Best thing about birthday parties is the presents. Heheheh. Madam Cloud gave me a Mr Bean teddy bear. No, not the Bean himself but the teddy that he carries around on the show. Another friend gave me a Pooh lamp. While I may look young, I think I have outgrown the whole Poohbear thingy, ehhehehe. But then again, it’s the thoughts that counts right?

Note to self: remind friends that they could just get Borders gift certificates for next year. Book freak here.


raden putra said...

Happy birthday again. No 'octopus-in-those-vege-that-we-feed-turtles' this year, eh? Seems u'r pushing the bar and going for quality, rather than quantity. good for u.

oh! prof karen walker says hi. he's not in prison, yet. he's nicer these days, dont u agree?

sandstorms in aplenty these days. wonder if there're optimus, ultra magnus and omega supreme somewhere behind em sand clouds.

Evan Owens said...

Ur so evil... turtle veges... Sandstorms? Must be Storm or Scoponox...

raden putra said...

"sotong kangkung"

Evan Owens said...

I know...