Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I had written a post about the impending storm AKA my situation with ESS. But I am still tweaking it and cannot come to terms with what I actually want to do so it's taking a backseat for now.

I have big news! I am no longer a lady of leisure! I have been employed! Yay me! It's a Technical Writer job for a company that provides software for ships and shipping companies. Or something to that effect. I was interviewed Monday and by today lunch, I was already at the office, going through the motions.

There were a couple of cute guys there. Thank God, if there were more, I won't be able to concentrate. One cute guy asked me out to lunch today. I was so turned on. I mean, touched. But I could not go with him since my supervisor's taking me to lunch. My supervisor's a lady and she knows I am g*y. No, I did not tell her. She knew coz she's the twin sister of my fag hag, so I guess that would make her half my fag hag eh? Heheheh. Anyways, she was looking for an assistant and my fag hag recommended me. So indebted to them.

Oh, what about the job you ask? Technical Writer. I am supposed to be writing up manuals and stuff. I would be getting the nitty gritty of it tomorrow I think. Pay's not bad too, only a couple of hundred less than what I was getting. But there is one thing though... I on a 6-month contract... after that, if I perform, they'll make me a permanent staff. I gotta stay focused and work my ass off.

ESS had told me to not go online, blog, chat or even read news on the Internet like I did at my last job and was subsequently told to quit (even though we know it's bigger than that). I won't do that, but I was told that it's okay to do so at lunchtime. :)

Ooh, I'll be getting a laptop!!! Yay!!! My current one is all broken. Half the monitor's already gone black! It's gonna cost 2K to replace. Also, my office hours is from 10 to 6! Yay! No need to fight human traffic in the morning! I could leave at 9 from my place and be at KLCC around 9.40 and walk to the office just in time. Yay! Time to celebrate!!! Break open the bubbly butt!! I mean, the bubbly... Cheers!


Bibik Nyonya said...

wah wah wah....congrations! Bila nak blanja mak nih? Everynight i pray for you tau...ha ha ha!

Evan Owens said...

Vivik Nyonya, thanks for the praying! It worked! Now can you pray for me to find a good bf? Hhehehe.... if you're around KLCC during lunchtime on Friday, give me a holla...

savante said...

Whoa. I am always around KLCC!

So glad you have found a job. The good bf will come along soon lah. Have faith.