Thursday, May 24, 2007


I am still not over Melinda Doolittle getting kicked off just before the finale. But I am at peace with the newly crowned American Idol. It's who I was expected and rooted for.

Did anyone catch the new season of The Apprentice? Um, when I say new, I actually mean the one currently showing on Malaysian TV and not the one showing in the States. Even though most people mistake me for American, I am living in Malaysia and have no access to high-speed Internet and would download episodes in advance and go around spoiling it for other people. Yes, I am talking about your friend, Prof Karen Walker! He told me Caridee won half way through the season shown on Channel V!! That bitch!!! Um, no offense to the people who downloads. I just got beef with people who walks around thinking it’s okay to spoil other people’s leisure time.
I saw the first episode of The Apprentice and one of the Project Managers were hawt! His name was Tareq (2nd guy on the left... I spoiled myself while looking for this pix, *sobs*). Hot stuff. Nice bod. Mensa member so you know at least one of his vital organs is huge. Heheheh. A witty conversation beats great sex any day. What am I talking about? Nothing beats sex. Even bad sex is better than a witty conversation. What did you expect from a slut?
Unfortunately for me, Tareq turned out to be an all-around bitch and not really intelligent. Too bad. He had the look already. Sigh. Maybe his other organ is huge that all the blood goes there, hence his brain was not functioning properly. I know, I know, I got sex imprinted in my brain.

Speaking of sex, one of my favorite shows has just been canceled. Veronica Mars, R.I.P. I loved the show. It was Buffy the Vampire Slayer without the supernatural element, Nancy Drew without being overly teenage-y, Charlie’s Angels without the overt sexuality and CSI without being too scientific. It’s about a girl, Veronica Mars, who is a super sleuth, investigating the murder of her best friend, her own rape and various other issues faced by her friends. She does this while maintaining a 4.0 average, handling the scorn of her peers for her father’s misjudgment, working part time at Java Hut and moonlighting as paparazzi for her father’s private investigation business. Phew.

Believe me, there is no show like it. It had a shaky sophomore season, as did most shows on this planet but I still had love for the show. Now, after only three seasons, it’s going to the big discard pile in heaven along with my other faves such as Buffy, Angel, Tru Calling, Charmed, Firefly, She Spies, Dark Angel and Roswell.

Here lies Veronica Mars. Never undercount the sassy.

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raden putra said...

it's tougher following tv series these days, when everyone's downloading and giving comments and reviews everywhere. now everyone's a critic...

the world needs new surprises.

may the chub who spoilt your monday nites be punished... with wax, high heels and leather.