Friday, May 4, 2007

Band Candy

I still haven’t heard anything from those three interviews. I am assuming the worst, except for that one interview with C*sm*p*int. Apparently, they are looking for a Communications Manager first, then only they’d hire the execs. These things take time so I think I’m still in the running to become America’s Next Top Model. Oops, wrong script. I am still in the running to be hired.

Next week, I have two interviews lined up. One in KL and the other in Penang. The one in KL is for Technical Writer. The office is somewhere near KLCC which is great because there’s an LRT station nearby. The one in Penang is for Research Assistant. Monday is KL interview and Friday is Penang interview.

I would be leaving for Penang on Thursday, stay in a hotel for the night, attend the interview next morning and get on a bus back to KL in the afternoon. Of course, if the KL people want to hire me, then I won’t even attend the Penang interview. I am not a big fan of relocation. Much.

What’s that I hear? L*m*t? What about L*m*t? Is it nearby? Like it was near K*ngs*r? I guess it is near, relatively speaking. What’s that? I could go meet ESS while I am up north? Yeah, I guess I could. I’ve told ESS about it but he doesn’t think it’s possible. He has a thing or might have a thing. I am not sure which one but he seems to think that there’s a possibility that I might be there and not be able to meet him. So I am putting the kibosh on that plan. And, no, Prof Karen Walker, I am not going to the Penang interview just so that I’d have a chance to go see ESS.

Not like it matters anyway. He’s quite a busy man these days. Too busy to communicate. Sometimes I feel like a single girl. Sigh. It’s the price you pay for having a long distance relationship. A fragile one at that, where another man could just sweep him off his feet and away from me in a blink of an eye. ESS is quite the looker and apparently the charmer as well. Sigh. What? Do I think he has somebody already and he doesn’t need me anymore? No I did not think that. Now I do. Dammit. My imagination is my own worst enemy. Shut up Imagination! I am sure he’s faithful (in the boyfriend/relationship sense, and not in the sexual sense, coz we are in an open relationship) and not looking for a better boyfriend to replace unworthy, ugly me.

Trust is key. When I do get to talk to him, he has not told me to take my love and shove it. What? Do I think he has someone already but is not telling me about him? Dammit Imagination! Did you have to call your cousin, Paranoia, and fill my head with crazy things? Shut up! Just shut up! Oooh, just like my favorite Black Eyed Peas song. Shut up, just shut up, shut up.

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