Friday, May 18, 2007


I am okay. Seriously. Not as broken up about it as I thought I would be. I mean, I did have the whole ‘Why Me?’ heaving and crying thing. For one night only. Cue Teddy, I mean, Jennifer Hudson.

Thanks to all the well-wishers: Froggie, Paul, Alvin, Prof Karen Walker, Musang, Teddy and countless other friends for being there for me and attempted to make me feel better. I think my doing better also has something to do with the fact that I have a job now. I am pretty busy at work. So I guess my wandering mind doesn’t really have the time to um, wander.

I am avoiding Heartbreak Divas such as Sarah McLachlan, Toni Braxton, Alison Krauss etc and listening to angsty stuff from Kelly Clarkson, hippity-hop stuff from them Pussycat Dolls and mellow stuff from Carrie Underwood. Oh, not forgetting Avril. My phone used to have Alicia’s If I Ain’t Got You, PCD’s Stickwitu and a bunch of other sickly sweet love songs. But now that I am not in that situation, I don’t need to be reminded of what I’ve lost.

Speaking of songs, have you guys heard the new Kelly Clarkson? It is fantabulous. Speaks to my soul. Although I am not that angry but Never Again does make me feel empowered and better. It’s in the sidebar btw, the first song, if you guys are interested to listen to it.

Did you guys know that Kelly was dumped by some music exec back before Breakaway was released? I just found out. No wonder girlfriend’s album was so raw and angsty and pissed. Apparently, she is still pissed. Listen to Never Again and you’ll know what I mean. I hope I won’t be like that, carrying around a grudge and anger for years. I have gotten over some of my more painful breakups and I know I’ll survive this one as well.

Ooh, the new Maroon 5 is also nice, and some of the lyrics are kinda fitting for me to. Some. They were not that good live on the American Idol result show. Speaking of, anyone caught Elliot Yamin live? He is so cute but I prefer him without the shag carpet on his head. He sounds good but that song is a little too familiar though. Ooh, Melinda Doolittle got canned from Idol just one week before the finale! Dammit! I love her! She’s good and consistent! She IS the American Idol! Let’s face it, Blake is cute but he can’t really pull off singing a song normally coz he’d sound generic.

What do people call the thing that he does? Bebop? I shall call it Bebop. Bebopping that Bon Jovi song was great. I have it as my SMS tone. Hehehhe. But other than that, if he doesn’t pull a Bebop thingy… yawwwwnnn. Jordin, I like. She’s quite good. I love her singing ‘I Who Have Nothing’. I wanted girl on girl action. The last time this happened was when Diana Degarmo took on Fantasia. I hope she wins. Jordin I mean, now that my girl Ms Doo-A-Lot is out.

P/S – ESS will now be referred to as The Ex. He asked me to stay friends forever but he’s developed this cold front/wall around him to insulate or distance himself from me. Sigh.


raden putra said...

well, u know what they say... when life give u lemons, u make lemonade. when life give u shit, u make sandwiches.

savante said...

Takes a while to be friends after a breakup. Just give it a while and he'll come around hopefully.

Fable Frog said...

Yeah~ i love Maroon 5's new stuffs!! Adam Levine is way HAWT~!! oh can't get enough of that music video~!!
About the "just friends" thingy, it still takes two to make it work. if both party truly willing to stay as friends, then it's OK. me and my one and only ex are kinda' like best friends now~ so it is possible~~