Tuesday, May 29, 2007


It's the end of the month. Everyone's gotten paid except for me. I'll be getting my cheque at the very last day of May. Sigh.

I have been very busy at work. I am now producing computer-based guides for the softwares. It's not hard but it's tedious and tedious is what's taking up all my time. I have been neglecting my blogs and my writings because of this. Apparently, when you're a rookie and you're quite tech-savvy and able to (almost) master new software easily, work gets piled onto you like nobody's business. I am not complaining. Hardly. I am just relaying the information to you guys. I am deeply thankful that I have this job.

I have lots to update. My housemate officially moved out of the flat so I have the place all to myself. Last week, I received a 29-inch Sharp TV from the good people at MBF. I did some balance transfer and as a thank you, they gave me the TV. Yay! No need to go and buy.

My 29" TV next to my 14"

I've turned ex-housemate's room into a media room. I've relocated the sofa and the huge book rack from my room into the media room. It’s quite nice since the window is facing wide open spaces and it’s nice and cool if I just pop open a window. Hmm, maybe I should have turned that room into my room instead. Nah, too lazy to break apart that damned huge bed.

So my living room will now be half den and half dining area. Yup, I am planning to get broadband so I don’t have to go to the cybercaf├ęs anymore. But I am not sure when this will happen. Maybe after the second full pay.

Ever since I had been dumped unceremoniously, I had been busy getting back into the grind. Does this mean I am already over The Ex? Not necessarily. Maybe my feelings for him were not that deep? Not necessarily. Dead horse, not getting any deader no matter how hard you whack it. I have accepted the death of the relationship and attempting to move on. Boy, I am having a hell of a time at the wake. Hehehe.

Last month, someone had Googled me. Evan Owens I mean. I thought I had a stalker. I was kinda excited/scared/thrilled. It's been a while since I had stalkers. Okay, that’s not true. I still have them, ehhehe.

So I decided to check it out. Google that name and see what comes up. By the way, I chose that name randomly. He was a character in my TV show script about a family of witches. It turned out that there is an actual person named Evan Owens.

The real Evan Owens

Of all the names I could have taken on, I chose the name of an actual living person. Not only that, he is an up-and-coming singer too. I guess I better start putting in a disclaimer somewhere in this blog that I am not the singer.

Or maybe I should just revert back to my other screen name. Yup, I used to go by a different name and had a different (defunct but making a comeback) blog that was quite the spicy, apparently. Anyone care to venture forth a guess? The first person to get it right gets a treat at Chili’s KLCC during Friday prayers. Hehehehhe.


savante said...

Defunct blog? So many to name :)

But hey what crazy bank gives tvs for credit transfer dammit!

Evan Owens said...

Take a look at my link list and see which one is the defunct but making a comeback. :)

It was AmBank. But you have to already have the MBF credit card though.

Bibik Nyonya said...

wah...jeles nyer mak...the TV so big...i could use a free one myself! Ada sapa sapa nak donate tak? Ha ha ha!

Alvin said...

Hmmm... seems like an easy one right (former) Holden Summers?

Evan Owens said...

Vivik... the TV not that big ler... just average sized... hehehe...

Alvin, you can't answer that! You already know me! That's it, the contest is forfeited... :P