Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tabula Rasa

I am kinda seeing someone new. No, not like a relationship, boyfriend-boyfriend thing. But just dating. Um, not even dating. Is it dating? Quite confusing.

We’ve chatted before a couple of times but we never kept in touch.

Somehow, we hooked up online last Friday and he took me out clubbing. But it did seem like he was a bit distant, so maybe he just wanted clubbing buddy. Fine by me. I had not been out clubbing for a few months now. So I needed to go out. Bad.

True to form, I was out of touch. Most of the songs played were foreign to me, and not just coz they’re in a foreign language. I understand English. Hehehhe. But I just don’t recognize any of them. Except for the oldies.

Anyway, I was pretty much ignored in the club. But I was fully anticipating this mostly because you can’t talk in a club. Too loud. So I just danced a bit here and there and mostly watch people.

Unfortunately, everywhere I look, every guy I checked out, reminded me of #1 Crush. Salt to wound? I literally saw him. #1 Crush. In everyone in my field of vision. Could have sworn it was him, until a burst of light hit him and I realized twas just a random dude. I was going out of my mind. In every single gyrating guy. Sigh. Apparently getting over him would be a tumultuous ride.

Anywho, this new guy. So after the club, we went to a mamak for some food and/or drinks. When I say we, I mean him and his friends. I was so caught off guard. But I think I handled it fine. By that time, I really thought he had no interest in me whatsoever, because I was talking to the friends a lot more. He was more silent than the lambs.

But towards the end of the, um, morning, he asked me if I wanted to come back to his place. That’s a good sign right? Right?

Anyways, to cut an interesting story short, he had asked me to come to his place almost every night since and yes, I had been sleeping at his place and going to work in the morning. Lucky he works nearby.

But back to the topic of seeing vs dating vs whachamacallit… Not too sure what this is but so far, I’m liking it…

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joshua said...

Always good to test the waters first right? More often than not, great things happen when you least expect them to...

Good luck!