Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I am officially 30 years old now. Turned 30 on Monday. Spent the whole day with #1 Crush. Not that it was planned or anything. He had a thing and needed my help. Since I was already on leave that day, I helped him. Again, we did not hang out because of my birthday.

Anyways, I have vowed to change a few things about myself and my life. But I won’t talk about em now. I don’t wanna jinx it.

Maybe I’ll talk about this after a couple of months, when things are in place and more concrete.

Any event, things are kinda okay with my life right now. Work is okay. I am even working on the weekends as a part time assistant producer. So money’s slightly better now. Love life… nothing to write home about. The guy I am seeing turned out to be in love with someone else, who’s in a relationship with someone else. Kinda like my situation with #1 Crush.

Speaking of, my feelings for him have not dissipated. I still love him. But I have accepted the fact that we are close friends and nothing more. I am fine with that.

By the way, people from work actually celebrated my birthday. Without me. Yup, you read right. They bought cake and everything but forgot that I had sent in my application for leave. Sigh. But shows that they cared about me eh?

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