Monday, July 9, 2007

Graduation Day, Part 2

So many summer movies, so little time. I have caught Spiderman 3 (wasn’t feeling it), Shrek the Third (so not funny), Ocean’s Thirteen (snazzy!), Surf’s Up (okay la, not bad), Transformers (AWESOME!!!) and Die Hard 4.0 (good movie). Now it’s time for the latest Harry Potter.

Yup, The Order of the Phoenix is upon us. And then, a week later, The Deathly Hallows will be released. I have gotten wind of some spoilers online. Major characters are destined to die. I hope it’s not true. It would be a kick ass scene but I hope it’s not true. I hope those are soilers instead of actual spoilers.

Teddy was at Times Square earlier today and he managed to secure tickets for the lot of us. I asked for two tickets. I wanted to bring a guy whom I am crushing on at the moment. Yes, yes, I have a crush on someone.

I asked him if he would wanna go see. He said he wanna, but dunno whether he could actually make it. He is resting at home today because he has food poisoning and he won’t know whether he would recover in time. But since he said he wanted to, I went ahead and asked Teddy to get the extra ticket.

However, a couple of hours later, he messaged, saying that he definitely could not make it. Sigh. Now I have an extra ticket. So I messaged almost everybody I know but all of them could not make it. Either the showing is too late (9.30 is late?) or they have somewhere else better to be.
Anybody game to watch Harry Potter this Wednesday (11th) at Times Square? Give me a holler k?


huggyteddy said...

Me! Me! I'm free! Me! Me! and can i bring bruce?

savante said...

I guess around 9 would be late for those going to work the next day. Maybe your crush has the same reason.

Evan Owens said...

Sure, bring Bruce... but what about Alex??

I guess you're right Paul... but I had found someone who was willing to watch it with me... :)