Thursday, October 9, 2008

Normal Again

I knew it. The whole marriage thing came up again. It’s like there’s nothing else to talk about.

The icing on the ‘cake’ was that this time, my brother was the one who was asking. Right in front of my mom. My mom then hopped on that bandwagon and I was attacked from two sides. Luckily, I hail from a long line of Malay warriors so I dodged my mom’s swipe and I was able to kick my brother in the gonads.

My brother was asking me when I was planning to marry and then boldly declaring he’d never marry until I get married. So my mom joined in and asked me when.

Told them I’d be financially stable in five years time.

My mom balked at that statement. In five years time, I’d be 3… 25… 28… okay, okay, 35. So, if I ever were to have kids, I’d rot first or die first before my kids would graduate high school. Then she went on and on about something or rather and I just lost it.

I told both of them off.

My brother did not really care about the whole marriage thing coz he is a commitment-phobe ass. I asked him back whether he was just using me to avoid getting married and he cracked. Right in front of my mother. Hah! Take that!

Then I whirled on my mother. Telling her off. In the nicest way possible of course. She knows about my financials, that I have little or virtually no savings and that I dun have property of any kind yet and I am still knee deep in debt from both credit cards and student loans.

Hah! Take that!

Unfortunately, she too hail from a long line of warrior people, so she tried to get in a sideswipe attack and told me I oughta find me a rich lady to marry.

That does it! No more kid gloves!

A few years back, before I got a job in KL and just after I came back from America, one woman came to see my mom asking for me, wanting me for her daughter.

This daughter was a few years older than me but she was rich like hell. Has shoplots in Kuantan, and some properties in KL. Lives in a bungalow alone and has a couple of expensive rides. She’s practically an empire.

My mom turned her down because she was older. WTF right? Now she’s saying I should fine an older woman. That lady was practically begging my mom to let us marry. I suspect she’s a big lesbo, that is why she’s not married yet, which would then be very good for both me and her since we could still have our own partners but will be wedded to satisfy our families and society. Sigh.

So now my mom says she will try to find me a rich woman to marry. Yeah, good luck with that. There’s the whole ‘I am allergic to womanly parts’ thing that she dunno about…

Why is there pressure to get married and spawn offsprings? It’s not like those kids are gonna take care of us when we get older. I don’t believe those kids will take care of the parents. Times a’changin’. Sigh…