Tuesday, October 21, 2008


It was my mom's birthday on Monday (20th). I remembered. Am not that bad a son. After I was done with my daily work load, I gave her a call.

She asked why I was not at my hometown celebrating her birthday. Um, hello? Working...

Then she asked if I would go back to attend a cousin's wedding, on Deepavali. Which is a public holiday. But I am working that Sunday. If I were to go back, I'd have to take the night bus and arrive on Deepavali morning. Then rush back to KL later that afternoon or evening.

I ain't doing that.

When I told her I was working, she snapped back. "You go ahead and do that. Work, work and work. That's all you do."

I held back from saying anything. Of course I was pissed. Not like she doesn't know I have a lot of bills to pay. Sigh.

Just when I thought things are getting better between me and her...


Dense said...

the tragedy of being asian... balancing the demands for money with the demands from parents

... and its all of your own making

joshua said...

well probably she'll understand if u talk it over with her, like in a discussion?