Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dead Things

Jealous Guy from work is talking to me. Weird much?

He is in the same unit as me. Actually, there’s only him and me in the unit. And the bitchy boss. There really is no need for jealousy.

I did not get it at first. Why would he be all jealous of me? We do different kind of work. It’s not like we’re ever competing for the same award or the same promotion.

Anyways, a good friend of mine, which is a colleague from a different department, warned me about Jealous Guy. Apparently, JG has been mouthing off to him about me. Bad things about me. Unfortunately for him and quite fortunate for me, this colleague (and most of the people working there) is a good friend of mine. At the very least, I get along with most of them.

So he told me what JG had told him. I did not know what to make of it. He’s not a fag. He’s married with a kid. But he mouths off like a fag.

Then, another colleague/friend told me that JG had been mouthing off, in front of him, to my boss. Third time’s the charm. He mouthed off again to another colleague and of course, I was informed of the incident.

I kept quiet. I concentrated on my work and made sure I covered my tracks. Now, he is in trouble with the boss and her Mini-Me. I likey. He has this habit of blaming everybody else for him slacking off and not doing work. I was one of the victims. But he can’t use me as an excuse/punching bag anymore. Boss got all the emails and knows I am doing my work. Yay! Karma’s a bitch…

But he is talking to me now. I don’t know what to make of it. I am guessing he needs to borrow money from me. Yes, he borrows money from me on a monthly basis. Which is why I am so not understanding why he is dissing me to my good friends. Anyways, this gravy train has left the station and I ain’t helping him anymore.

Ooh, he is also trying to make nice with a lot of the other colleagues. See, after they’ve seen his bad behavior, with me and with others he blamed for him coming in to a 9-6 daily shift at noon and leaving by 3 to go catch a movie or karaoke and not being able to finish his work on time… wow, that’s a loooong sentence… did not even finish it yet… where was I?

Oh, yes, other colleagues have been avoiding him like the plague. He did not care at first because he was kinda on good terms with the boss. Now that the boss has an entirely evil Mini-Me, he has been cast out and that was when the trouble started for him. But he totally had it coming.

After people see that he is not a nice guy, and that I am nicer, they did not care for him as much. As a matter of fact, some people downright hate him. Sigh. The problem is I have to work with him so I don’t really have the luxury of cold-shouldering him. Sigh. But I am slightly enjoying the fact that his life is miserable right now. What? It’s not like I ratted him out for being late! It was someone else but naturally he thought it was me. Like, whatever! I have not caused him any harm so I ain’t evil for smiling at his misfortune. Wait, maybe I am evil because I smile at his misfortune that is not caused by me. I am confused. Either way, I am enjoying seeing him squirm in front of the boss, trying to weasel his way out of problems that he himself caused.


savante said...

Guess there's a jealous bitch in every department :) Just stay away from them.

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