Monday, May 12, 2008

Bargaining Part 2

We did not go through with the original plan. Big celebratory dinner. Because both of us kinda broke. So he asked to reschedule it to pay day. Which would be in 16 days. 16 days would be too long and the last time I saw him was early April. I told him (and I was being bold with this) that I missed him and I wanna meet him still. Besides, I could give him his birthday present.

He said okay. We could meet up for a short while, for drinks. Yay! He did not say no. Yay again! Hehehehe.

So we met. He looked as ravishing as ever but he wore pants that kinda hide his nice tush. Dammit. We went to Carrefour and had drinks and talked. He said the weirdest thing to me... He asked me why I was so sexy... *blushes*

Then, Nelly Furtado came along and sang "Why do all good things come to an end?"

We parted ways. Yup, just a short meetup. I gave him his present. I was all nervous. He opened it and loved it! Yay! Phew! Then he asked when my birthday was. I am guessing that he wants to get me an awesome gift as well. Hehehehhe.

Before I got out of the car, I shook his hand and wished him happy birthday, then I got bold again and asked for a hug. I know, I know, I should have been spontaneous and just hugged him but we were both strapped in. Why the hell did I asked him that? Stupid me.

But he said that there were too many people around so we could not. He told me I could give him the hug later on when we met again for celebratory dinner. Yay!


Queer Ranter said...


Very sweet~~~

savante said...

Only a hug, no one could possibly complain!

But there's always a next time!

Evan Owens said...

Ranter... tq... :)

Paul, I guess it means more to him than it did to me... :)

Of course it means the world to me