Friday, September 7, 2007

Who Are You

So the date went smoothly. Not stuttering or anything. There were definite signs that this was not just a one sided thing. But I refuse to be optimistic. I have been burned before, for playing with custom-made Navy matches. This time, it’s heavy duty firestarter. Any small spark could cause a ripple effect and everything would be engulfed in flames.

Anyways, here are the blow-by-blow (not literally) account of the date. I stayed an extra hour in the office because we were supposed to meet at 8. I left by 7 because the air conditioning had been turned off, if not I’d stay longer. I SMSed #1 Crush and told him I was on my way.

I arrived at 7.40pm. I waited 10 minutes before I message him. He called me just before 8, saying that he was parked on the other side of the road. Dear God, I had forgotten how sexy his deep manly voice was. Sigh. With bats in my stomach, I made my way across the street. Had a serious case of hyperventilation.

We went to a fast food chain for dinner. He wanted to order food but ran it by me to see if I wanted to share it with him. Either it was the sweetest thing or he just doesn’t eat that much or he is used to sharing his food with people. Hmmm… anyways, we ordered chicken wings (which he had indicated he wanted to have since the afternoon), soup of the day (which he also wanted and kinda talked me into it as well), the seafood platter (which I really wanted but he did not because he just had an allergic reaction to something the day before and he is still recovering but he wolfed down half the plate anyways) and we had a pitcher of Pepsi (I asked for pitcher, he asked for Pepsi even though he don’t really drink carbonated stuff coz it gives him the hiccups).

We talked about everything and anything. Childhood stuff. Growing up stuff. My time in America. His life before we met. Did I mention he is soooo cute and have the cheekbones so high it could touch the sky? Sigh…

Anyways, whilst we did all the talking and chatting, there was also flirtatious banter going back and forth. Definitely Sex & The City territory. I blushed many, many times. Not that he could see it coz I am dark-skinned but I was blushing like crazy.

After dinner, we were at a loss of what to do next. He did not want to send me off just yet. I did not wanna go home either. So we drove around for a while, just talking and singing along to his mixed CD of sappy love songs by male vocalists. Well, he was singing. I was recording him using my phone. Did I mention that he has a nice sexy deep manly voice? He could be reading the phone book and I’d be all horny… heheheh…

Then, Endless Love came on and we did a duet. I was Diana Ross of course. Somehow I always ended up singing the female bits whenever there’s a duet. Anyways, I normally don’t sing in front of strangers but I went ahead and sang with him. Showed how comfortable I was with him. Okay, so I wanna have his babies, what’s the big?

Once we were near my area, I asked if he wanted to hang out more. He declined, citing that he had to go pick up someone. He promised that we’d go out again. I asked him to turn on the lights in the car so that I could take his picture. Yup, I’d been trying to snap him but the highway was dark. After I got a nice clear pic, I asked him to lean up to me and snap a pic of us together. After a handshake, he drove off and I walked back to my flat thus ending one of the nicest date I’ve ever had in all my 21 years of living… okay, okay… 25… fine, 29… good God, a lady is never supposed to reveal her age. Lucky I ain’t a lady eh…

Oh, about an hour later, he called me. However, I was in the other room and my phone was on silent mode so I did not hear the call. Since I did not pick up, he sent me an SMS.

“R u asleep already? Don’t masturbate to those pix k? Hehe. Good nite and thanx for the lovely nite. Sorry we did not get to go anywhere. There wasn’t enough time. We’ll do this again ok?”

O. M. G. O. D.

I’d only bother sending a follow up SMS if I really like the guy. I hope he sent the message coz he likes me…


Calvin said...

Oh my God! This is just a sweetening post you have here. Must watch out! After got diabetic all because of you. Hahaha!!!

Anyway, if you and this guy really became a couple, could just show us (or just me) his pic? Since you said he is soooooooooooo cute with that cheekbone so high up sampai langit. Hahaha!!!

Anyway, good luck!!! And when's the next outing? Remember to post wor. I'll be following.

David said...

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