Wednesday, December 17, 2008


There's a seminar thingy this weekend that I have been recruited to help out. At first, I was told I'd only be providing the copy for the brochure and/or printed materials. But I found myself helping out in ways that I was not supposed to. I am helping out to help my new boss.

Things are not properly planned and everything seems to be busted at the seams. I am quite worried about it. A colleague was put in charge and he is inept. I tried to help in any way that I can but that damned colleague is slowing everything down.

Stupid shit.

He is so drunk with power. Ordinarily, he'd be the punching bag but now that he's been given the responsibility to lead, he took it as a chance to bully others. Especially the three part-time girls.

He ain't manager material. He's a good worker but he can't lead. Has no vision for the future and no contingencies.

I hope everything will fall into place. I've done everything I could to help.

Speaking of seminars, I've been working non-stop for almost 3 weeks now. 7-day work weeks. I am so tired. It's like a cycle. It's been a while since I do 7-day work weeks. Apparently, I am needed but I am not really needed.

But coz the project manager is so inept, me and this other guy had to step up and help. Sigh.

Will take a long leave after the seminar is over. By the way, the first week of December marked my one year with the company. I am so proud. I never thought I'd last that long. Mostly coz of the crazy psycho bitch of a boss. Now that she's gone, everything's getting good.

Also, I've been changing companies many times this past few years. Never been in a company more than 6 months... :)


raden putra said...

sounds like an episode of 'the apprentice'. if things go well, the PM gets the name, if things fucked up, the PM throws some names.

Should do a post-mortem thingy, and say what could've been done.


Sankai said...

hey.. its a leg up! kudos for you!