Saturday, March 22, 2008


I got into trouble at work. I had been working 7 days a week for a few weeks now. So I asked for time off Wednesday and Friday (Thursday was Public Holiday). My boss okayed it so I hung out at home on those days.

Unfortunately for me, my boss did a Jason Bourne and conveniently forgot that she okayed my leave. She went into full bitch mode. She sent me email criticising my work performance and stuff. She even cc'ed to the Big Boss. She even said that I did a disappearing act on Wednesday. WTF??

I am in a pickle. I could not really answer the email in way that I want. Like "Yo bitch! What's eatin' your panties?" or something to that effect. I know she criticise my work because I did not come in to the office. She said that the website is outdated and that I am responsible. Sure, I admit to it but only from this week. Coz I took time off.

It's like she's hell bent on ruining my life for taking time off. I guess I did not read the fine print that said once I signed on to work there, I'm expected to work 24/7.

She's only doing this because I took time off. Just last week, she sung me praises for a job well done. This week, it's outdated and bad? Come on.

And she even went as far as saying that I am a lazy fuck who just copy off of another website and not update original stuff from our own team. My team does Malay while the website is in English. Come on! It doesn't make sense to mix the lingo.

I have answered her email. Diplomatic as hell. I wish I could just come clean and told her the truth but I still need this job. However, since my respect for her is completely gone (and now I know her true, true colors), would I really wanna work there?

Can anybody give me a job? I give good head... I mean, I am a good worker...

Should I really work from home (which I did, but of course I only update in the evening)? Even though it's my day off? What is it with me and not being able to hold down a steady job? Sigh.


Queer Ranter said...


Poor thing. That's very bitchy of her...

Don't suppose you have your leave request in print?

Anonymous said...

You live your life once. Do what makes you happy! It doesn't matter what people think, it's what you think is the most important! It's your life, don't let any bitch to control your life. You are not her slave!

Pins said...

Hi, Evan, i don't know you and neither you, me- but i think you shouldn't be taking crap from people like her...and for that matter, working 24/7 is freaking insane. you need to take a break and have some me-time, you know, or you'll go crazy. is it an option to quit and just go travel alone for a month or so? just to get your head together and figure out what you really want. i feel for you, really do, cos i was in a similar situation once, but i chose to walk away from it. you need to do what makes you happy...feel better, man.

savante said...

Ouch. That was nasty of her.

TIme to think of what you want actually. I agree with the rest of the folks here. If you find the situation simply untenable, you should think of moving.

Evan Owens said...

Hi Guys,
Tq for the encouraging words! You guys rawk!! :)

I am okay. Work-wise and mental-wise. Still hate that bitch with a vengeance but I refuse to let her get me down. :)